Saturday, January 1, 2011

Her priceless moments

This is non-beauty related entry. Gonna take a break from beauty entries for the time being. Lemme tell you about my last day of 2010.

First stop - TGI Friday's at Pavilion with Mr. T and yeah, had my ugliest priceless moments taken in pictures.

I know, ugly but I still like them because I am in those pictures!

Then, I had my MJ-in-time picture taken at Nichii, Times Square while waiting for New Year 2011 countdown.

LOLX! I don't look anywhere near him. Thank goodness!

After that, we proceeded to Lot 10's foodcourt for dinner. Had wonderful muaci for desserts.

Me love muaci so much, much, much!

The night went on with our stop at Starbucks, Times Square for a rest because all of us had sore muscles after going out for the whole day!

Well... no pictures of New Year 2011 countdown because I didn't take any - yes, the typical lazy me is in action!

Let's move on to New Year Day - A stop-over at Saint Cinnamon at Midvalley for hi-tea.

At the end of the tea - a happy and satisfied me!

Gonna retire to bed now, ciao, adios, people!

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