Saturday, December 4, 2010

Please stop the time!

~ Sorry for the repeating picture ~

Yes, exactly - I am going nuts soon!

I woke up with worries - first time ever in my life! The reasons are of course predictable. First up would be my freaking thesis! I'm just 23 more days to dateline to submit Chapter 3 and 4 but I've practically done nothing over the past 1.5 months, yet I can still sit here and procrastinate.

No, after today, Imma gonna gear up to squeeze every last drop of my brain juice to complete my thesis before 15th of December.

So, another issue is... the lifetime commitment, as being proposed by people around me. So, yeah, I've been getting remarks like, "Girl, you're not getting any younger, get yourself a partner!" and also stuffs like, "Hey, don't be so choosy, just get any guy will do!" and further more, "You can't expect him to come falling from the sky, right?"

Honestly, I didn't feel anything initially but with so many pressures around me, I'm feeling the stress already - friends getting attached, engaged and also married.

The last issue would still be my weight issue. I know a lot of people have commented that I've lost weight miraculously but honestly, there is no miracle at all - I went through a lot of hardships and yet... I can't feel myself losing weight and looking good. I went, "Awww... look at the slim and slender girl - I wish I look like that..." this morning and dad ketuk-ed my head and said, "Stop daydreaming!"

Time is moving too fast!

I can't see myself progressing well and also aging gracefully. FML!

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