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Cheap vs. Thrift vs. Splurge - Face

So... Believe it or not, I've got a lot of people that question me of my love for make-up, beauty and fashion. Over the past years, I've gotten comments like...

"Girl, you don't wear make-up on daily basis, why waste the money?"

"Do you actually need those?"

"Are you rich or what to spend on those?"

"You've got to be thrifty and don't splurge on simply anything - get the cheapest!"

Hence, the topic today is...


** these would all be my picks and my picks might be different from yours.

In this case, cheap means anything that can be found easily or maybe something that costs below RM30, I reckon. My cheap and your cheap might not be the same. If your cheap is something less than RM10, you can't find anything even in Guardian or Watson - go to Daiso at The Curve, Sunway Pyramid or Sungei Wang.

Thrift for me means something of mid range pricing - somewhere around RM40 to RM60. Well, I can still accept it if that something is somewhere around RM65 or so.

So, splurge in my case is something that worth more than RM70! Err... up to maybe RM500 or anything like that.

I shall stop babbling and start this instant.

Wanna have flawless-looking complexion?

Read on...

BB Creams

Well, hell there is no cheap BB creams out there. Each tube or bottle of BB cream can cost up to RM40 to RM50 to maybe even RM100!

As far as I'm aware of it, BB creams from Skin 79 cost from RM40 to RM80. BB creams from Lioele usually can only be found at Sasa and they cost around RM50 to RM60. I guess even the newest BB cream from Maybelline may costs up to RM40 probably. Well, I don't know - I'm not a big fan of BB creams but when Mr. Lazy calls, that's the time when I'll use BB creams instead of my foundation.


Hate it or not, good coverage foundations don't come cheap but there are always other alternatives like those from ELF Cosmetics - they merely costs $1 to probably $8 the most. But so far, I don't have the urge to try them out due to too many negative feedbacks.

If you're looking for a foundation with medium coverage, you can always check out Revlon's ColorStay Liquid Foundation - it is raved by a lot of make-up gurus and probably Revlon nailed it when it comes to drugstore foundations - RM50++ I guess. I think I've gotten mine for RM54.90 a year ago? I can't remember, sorry - this is a thrift foundation definitely!

Definitely worth a try, make up lovers!

Let's move to foundations with FULL coverage - I guess you probably can guess, FULL means SPLURGE! Yes, no mistake - so far, I'm only in love with MAC's Studio Fix Fluid and as much as you hate the price, it will still be priced at $26 or around RM180 or so.

I know... RM180 for a bottle of 30ml foundation seems a lot, right? I think so too but still, I love this thing, Imma gonna go back to MAC and get more once the cash in my pocket doubles up.

Another alternative to MAC's foundations will be those from Stage Cosmetics. Recently I've tried out one of their liquid foundations and yes, I'm still loving it. Half of MAC's price at RM90 but still, expensive.

Well, mid-range expensive, I guess. Hahaha... I got it during promotion for only RM25 - I told ya, I'm not rich. It's just I'm always on the hunt for cheaper products during sales.


Alright, now, concealer is a must when it comes to skin like mine - acne prone, oily and freaking dark circles and uneven skin colour.

So, concealers - cheap? Yeah, you can find concealers ranging from RM20 to RM30, depending on the coverage. I'll only talk about those I like. So, for less than RM25 or if you're lucking to bump into a seller that sells these below RM30, you're lucky! I am lucky! I got these for around RM23. It's USD$5.50 for each of the concealers.

I guess the sheerest would be NYX Concealer Wand while the best coverage would be those of Concealer in Jar.

So, moving to thrift spending - these concealers would be my pick - tried some of them while, I'm gonna try others hopefully soon.

Priced at $7.95, these Coastal Scents' Camo Quads, I heard, do magic in concealing whatever you wanna conceal, perhaps, exception for tattoos.

Then, it's time for the infamous Salmon Concealer from Skinfood.

Priced at RM46.90 I think it's pretty worth it but then again, for me, it doesn't cover my dark circles much - I like the texture, not the colour. Perhaps, somebody with less severe dark circles than mine would love it.

Stage Photo Pro Crème Camouflage at RM60 does it work really fine for a mid-range concealer.

Well, I'm not saying it works for every single person out there but hell, it works for me at the time being and I'm loving it!

It's time for high-end concealers - I guess the infamous brands would be Make-Up For Ever and also MAC.

I guess MAC's concealers are favourited by a lot of make-up geeks out there and I myself, am lemming towards getting either one of the above but for $16.50, I guess I can buy like 2 or 3 concealers from Stage or NYX.

I've been setting my eyes on these concealers for like ages ago but these Camouflage Cream Palettes are $36 each from Make-Up For Ever! It's like RM200 or maybe less or maybe more. I won't fork out that much and splurge on concealers alone lor...


I always have a mindset that blushers don't need to be of high-end brands like those from NARS that cost $26 each.

I'm not really a blusher-person but I don't spend a fortune of blush with great colours like Angelika or Orgasm from NARS.

Well, if you wanna find a dupe of NARS' packaging, ELF has it!

For as low as $3, you can get ELF Studio Powder Blushers each! I'm not sure about pigmentation, but I guess it won't be too bad. Don't quote me please, I have to try these out!

If you're seeking anything below RM10 or $3, you can lem towards ELF Natural Radiance Blusher for only $1 each!

With more than 6 colours to choose from, I bet you'll be spoilt because I've tried these out and the pigmentation is great! The only downside of it is that it's too powdery!

The best mid-range pricing blushers I've tried are those of NYX Powder Blushes. They're amazing, I tell you. For a price around RM25, they're pearls in the ocean!

Above are the two shades I adore! Imma gonna try out Natural, Peachy and also Pinched soon! Oh, ya... it's USD$6 but I got mine for RM20 only.

Okay, sometimes I have feedbacks, especially from stupid sister that powder blush doesn't stay on her cheeks for more than 2 to 3 hours. There's another alternative to more long-lasting blusher - yes, CREAM BLUSHERS!

NYX Cream Blushers retail at USD$6.50 each or you can get them locally from Jo. She's a trustworthy and splendid seller and also friend, of course! Thus, it reminds me that I haven't bought anything so far. Hahahaha... Cosmetic-ban is almost over, I guess.

Oh, ya... another cheaper alternative would be Maybelline's Dream Mousse Blush that retails at USD$5.99 and please bear in mind you will not be able to find any here in Malaysia - you can always join sprees to get it.

I heard that the staying power is amazing even when it's in summer or winter.


Hmm... I hate to admit it but I rarely use bronzers. I used to have one but I gave it away to my sister because I don't really like it. This is what I've gotten!

ELF Studio Contouring Blush - I know it looks exactly like what NARS have. I hate shimmery blushers, that explains why I gave away my USD$3.

Enough say.

Another cheap alternative would be Wet n' Wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder that you can get at any drugstores across US for only USD$3.99 each.

I don't know how it will turn out to be - go and buy one, test it out and lemme know!

Now, it's time for more little more expensive drugstore bronzer from NYX.

These line of bronzers from NYX costs USD$16 each which is kinda hefty for a drugstore bronzer. Hmmm... I've my eyes set on these babies for quite some time but to spend like RM50 to RM60 for a bronzer, it sounds impossible for me.

I have yet to wow myself from splurging on bronzers more than RM40, let alone RM100 to RM200, hence, no bronzers from high-end brands for me!


Aih... Don't spend your money on expensive highlighters, they all work the same way as each other - just get a cheaper brand that works on you, that's it!

My choice is ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance for only USD$1 for RM3.30 from another spree-er.

True enough, the name itself is bronzing powder but I chose the lightest shade so that I can multi-use it as bronzer and also highlighter!

Loose Powder

Powders are said to set liquid or gel based make-ups. Well... since I love liquid foundations, I need loose powders as much as my foundations. I guess there isn't any loose powders from cheaper range pricing, I don't know.

Even those from ELF cost around USD$8 or something like that. Probably it's around RM30 to RM40. I got mine for only RM15 - I know, I'm always a lucky person when it comes to buying stuffs. Well, I've got great lobangs!

I used to use ELF Mineral Booster as loose powder since a year ago and up to this very day, I still have like more than 50% of the product left.

Then, I was introduced to a better mid-range pricing loose powder from Physicians Formula that costs around USD$11.49 or something like that. Since I asked a friend to get it from the US for me, I got it for RM40++ I can't remember.

I don't know why but I adore this product more than ELF's. Although that mini kabuki brush included in the package is crappy, I still use it because sometimes, I'm just too lazy to reach out for my kabuki. LOLX! I know, that's how lazy I am.


I'm not gonna tell you primer is a must prior to the application of foundation but I do skip it when I'm lazy and if I'm not lazy, I will use it - it totally depends on my mood.

The cheaper ones are those I've gotten from Shills - not via Shills' outlet in Times Square because it can cost up to RM50 and please beware of fake Shills' products if you're purchasing online. Buy from reliable and registered seller!

This stuff isn't exactly a wonder for the foundation to stay put. If you have oily skin like me, it only doubles up the oiliness and it'll be quite yucky by the end of the day.

The thing I love about it is the price - RM15 during sales and only RM28 at normal time. CHEAP! I've forgotten which outlet I've gotten it from. Another plus point is... this face primer works GREAT as eyelid primer! No joke!

I applied a very small amount onto one of my lids while comparing to ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer and the colour totally showed - more bright, radiant and intense! No joke!

Hence, I love it!

Not long ago, ELF came out with a new face primer!

I guess it's not so expensive at USD$6 but I never spend more than USD$3 and above on each item at ELF. Not sure about the workability.

The next face primer isn't exactly a face primer but it's some sorta chafting gel that works just like any high-end brands!

Not sure on the workability again but I've heard wonders about this product. I've ordered it for RM32 and it falls on mid-range pricing, thus, it means being thrifty! Hahaha... It's around USD$7 or so. If you're saying USD$7 is expensive for a primer, take a look at the picture below!

So, would you rather grab something that's less than USD$7? For once, yes, I'd rather grab this one since a lot of reviews said it works just like Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer!

If you intend to splurge on high-end primers - you may consider Urban Decay's Complexion Primer Potion that retails at USD$30 only.

I don't have the budget to get this, hence... I might as well forget about it for the time being!

Smashbox - ah-hah!
Add Image

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer retails at USD$32 for 1oz while it's USD$49 for 2oz. The best thing about Smashbox is that it is available in Malaysia. If you're rich and intend to splurge, you can find Smashbox counters at Pavilion or 1 Utama.

Alright, I think I have babbled enough for face products, make your choice smartly!

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