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Cheap vs. Thrift vs. Splurge - Eyes

I am feeling so lazy today but I kinda forced myself to blog. Darn the lazy virus in me!

Anyway, let's proceed to talk about eye make-up today.

I'm very, very anal about eye make-up actually. I seldom find myself browsing through face or lips make-up but I always spend unnecessarily on eye make-up products - for a girl, the more the merrier.

Eye Lid Primer

So, you hate to admit it but you're craving for a good eye lid primer because most of the times, eyeshadow doesn't stay put on your lids and within few hours, it'll be transferred to your lower eye areas and you can't avoid creasing and smudging. Then, you think to yourself, "Darn... I need a primer!"

Dang, dang, dang!

This means you'll need to spend again!

If you're a cheapskate like me, you can always resort to ELF for their eye lid primers. They have 2 different types - essential and mineral lines, both costs USD$1 and USD$3 respectively.

If you're considering which primer to get from ELF, drop the thought of buying primer of essential line - they don't work and sucks big time. I bought 2 last year and then, when they got to me, one was dried and another one just wouldn't work - eyeshadows still creased on me! I wasted my money!

At least the primer from mineral line at USD$3 worked although not long lasting.

If you have more budget, say... around RM20 to RM30, you can consider getting Shills' primer - multi-use it as face and also eyelids primer. I tried it on my lids and the colours looked so vibrant and they stayed on very well!

Mind you - look out for fake Shills products! Also, the price range of RM20 to RM30 only applied to orders via LYN and not at Shills' outlets! Please don't quote me!

I'm not sure if there are any eyelid primers around the price of RM40 to RM60 but then again, if you can find one, good for you.

The next 2 eyelid primers are quite popular among MUAs and also MUGs. Well... let's meet the infamous UDPP and also TFSI!

Both primers retail at USD$18 each and work wonderfully! Still, if you're searching for the right primer for oily lids, I'd say, try UDPP while if you don't have oily lids, you can choose either one of them!

Last but not least, the infamous Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer!

This baby retails for USD$20 at Sephora and it can easily be accessible via any Smashbox counters within Malaysia. I'm not too sure about the price since I never tried it but the reviews aren't so bad.

Eyeshadow Base

Basically, eyeshadow bases are used to give the eyeshadow more vibrancy and yes, to make it last a little longer with the aid of eyelid primers. Not forgetting, the bases can make the shadows stay put a little while longer too.

Sometimes, these bases can even be used to create a new colour. From what I've learnt, these are the following new colours that can be created with the combination of bases and eyeshadows of different colours:
Black Eyeshadow Base + Royal Blue = Electric Teal
Black Eyeshadow Base + Gold = Dirty Bronze
Well, you've to figure out the rest on your own.

If you're wanting cheap bases below RM10, erm... maybe you can try these pencils from Wet n' Wild.

I got mine from nonpareilboutique during their online sales and I paid around RM9 for one pencil. Not so bad, I'd say but I prefer those from NYX.

These Jumbo Eye Pencils retail around RM13 to RM20, depending on spree-ers and also sellers. They come in maybe 20 different colours or so - I can't remember.

If these babies aren't what you're searching for since you need a neutral coloured bases, try NYX Eyeshadow Base.

I can't remember the price but it should be around RM20 to RM28 or maybe somewhere there. I've yet to try this out, hence, if you would like to share your opinions, feel free to do so!

Well, if you're still wanting a high-end brand, try MAC Paint Pots.

~ Picture credits to owner of the blog - I can't see the words ~

I believe these paint pots retail for around RM60 to RM70 each.

So, that's it about eyeshadow bases.

Eyebrow Pencils

Need I say more? They're just pencils - hahahaha...

Cheap = lousy = MY philosophy, you don't need to follow. Hahahaha.

Thrift = works well = should buy. Again, up to your preferances.

I love Empro's eyebrow pencils and they retails at RM38.80 at any Watsons near you! I've been using this for 2 years now!

And NYX has dupe of Anastasia Beverly Hills!

Reviews aren't so bad, hence, if you're wanting this item, you can get it for USD$10 at NYX Cosmetics. It should be around RM40 if I'm not mistaken.

Splurge = not good = shouldn't be practiced but I practice it all the times.

Anastasia Beverly Hills - I bet you've heard of it before if you're a active in youtube. Guess you should find that out on your own, aye?

Me no money buy.


There are a lot of eyeliners out there and you just gotta spend to find your new BFF. So far, I have tried a lot of eyeliners, especially liquid ones, from brands like ELF to Shiseido.

I hate this USD$1 ELF Liquid Eyeliner - the liner didn't stay put long enough on my lids and primer didn't even help! Worse still, the felt tip hurt my lids when I applied it. Hence, I'll advise you to skip this one.

Then, I trid NYX Liquid Eyeliner!

I got it during sales for only RM9.90 only. I had high expectation on it because I simply adore NYX but I was dissapointed in the end because this eyeliner is so lousy that it felt tight when it dries up. Sometimes, it flakes off too!

My advice is - skip it, don't waste your RM20 on this one.

Now, here comes the best part - deng, deng, deng!

Kate Liquid Eyeliner for around RM39.90 or so. Seriously, this is the best liquid eyeliner I've tried ever, ever, ever! I love the soft brush and also texture and also application is so smooth without troubles getting the liner on!!!

My advice is = MUST BUY THIS ONE!!!

Next up will the your time to splurge if you're anal about liquid eyeliner.

The infamous Tsubasa Masuwaka's line - Dolly Wink! Hahaha... Honestly, I don't know what's the difference between Kate's and DW's. At least they feel the same to me but on another account, the price difference between is two is huge!

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner retails for RM58.90 if I'm not mistaken.

Shoot me!

Time for gel eyeliners - I love, love, love these and I am psycho for gel eyeliners, really! I love the feeling of the gel gliding along my lids, I don't know why.

So, cheap gel liners - maybe try getting those from Wet n' Wild.

Mid-range gel liners!

Yes, those are the infamous Coastal Scents' gel eyeliners and they come in 27 different shades - is that crazy enough?!

I'm not sure of the consistency but reviews aren't so bad and best of all, they are only USD$6.95 each.

Another mid-range gel liners from Physicians Formula is the new love of my life!

Retails for only USD$10.99 and ULTA is having promotion of BUY 2 FREE 1 that is on now! I shall be grabbing few again!

The application is so freaking easy and the gel liners feel so smooth upon touching your lids! It gives effortless finish.

If you wanna splurge on good gel liners, you can consider getting MAC Fluidline or even Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner.

If I am not mistaken, both of them should be around RM70 to RM100 each at MAC or BB's outlets around Malaysia.

Last but not least, the pencil liners - my least favourite but yeah... I still use them despite of that. Let's just say, I prefer to go without them but still, I bought a numbers of them!

I made a mistake, I admit - I splurged!

I spent a fortune in getting both of the items above and I'm so broke now because Stila Kajal Eyeliner costs USD$18 each while Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil costs USD$17 each. I hate Stila's pencil eyeliner because first, I always look like a dead horse after few hours if I were to line my waterline with it - since it is not waterproof.

On the other hand, UD 24/7 works better than Stila's although the lasting power isn't that strong - recommended if you wanna get one!

Peeps, if you really wanna find a pencil eyeliner that does wonder to your waterline, I heard you should seek help from MUFE's Aqua Eyes.

They should be USD$18 to USD$20 each. Try it out and lemme know the result.

If you wanna be spend-wise, try going for eyeliners from Stage Cosmetics. The staying power is similar to UD 24/7 and best of all, they retail for RM45 each only.

Prestige Eyeliners

~ Picture credits to blog owner whom I don't know ~

I heard Prestige's eyeliners are comparable to UD as well - so, what say you?

Finally, I shall share with you my findings - cheap products that work well but not for waterline of course!

Very much pigmented and me likey - best of all is the price - USD$1 only each. Now, what is there not to love about a USD$1 product, right?


I don't really do mascaras because I have typically short and not-so-obvious eyelashes that can't be even even with mascaras on.

Hence, I always skip this step and go straight to falsies!

Cheap mascaras don't work, believe me. I've tried ELF's and they sucks big time and I threw it away already. But if you insist, try Maybelline's mascaras.

Maybelline Great Lash won some kinda award few years back, so if you're dying to get something below RM20, get this one!

Mid-range mascara, my pick is still Maybelline!

I got this for my birthday from my best girl friend and I am so freaking loving it so damn much! The finishing is clean and application is easy - best still - it comes in PINK and BLACK packaging.

There's a product in my Mascara Wishlist that I've wanted for quite some time and it's Lancome Oscillation Mascara.

This mascara basically vibrates while you're applying your mascara to give you the thicker, volumnous and longer lashes look!

I die-die want this one but my pocket die-die got not USD$36, so how?!

False Lashes

Like I said... muahahahaha... I love false lashes especially to create bold and dramatic looks. Hahahaha...

I like Ardell lashes but they're damn expensive like RM20++ for one pair!

Bad thing is, not easily accessible in Malaysia!

Even Dolly Wink's eyelashes are so freaking expensive too. They retail at Sasa for RM55.90 per set.

For once, I am not somebody that'd spend a bomb in getting these lashes, hence, I went around searching for something cheaper and thank goodness I've found Princess Li lashes. They're of nice quality but cheap price!

A pair of Ardell of Dolly Wink can sum up to 10 pairs of Princess Li lashes!!!

Best, best, best... they have dupe of Demi Wispies and also Wispies!

Hahahaha... I'm a freak when it comes to lashes - I don't use them all the times but I love to see them in my collection!

So, that'll be all for now - I shall update on eyeshadows soon! Babai!

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