Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cheap vs. Thrift vs. Splurge - Eyeshadows

Too painful, still cannot talk, so, I'll blog again.

Let's talk about eyeshadows today - now, this is my favourite part of make-up. I mean, I am happy whenever I see colours and I love colourful make-ups but I can never pull off coloured eyeshadows other than neutral tones.

I always think I look atrocious with purples and also blues. Smokey eyes always ended up making me look like kena tumbuk - according to my sister.

But still, it's not gonna dampen my spirit when it comes to this topic!

Cream Eyeshadows

I have oily lids, hence, cream shadows never last on me for more than 2 hours but still, I was over the moon when I found out MUFE has a palette full of cream eyeshadows because it looks so freaking gorgeous! Furthermore, most of the colours are matte colours!

Sadly, the price for this palette is gorgeous too. It retails at USD$95 per palette. Meaning, it's around RM300 to RM400. Now, are you gonna splurge on this palette if you're not a make-up artiste?

Next up is Illamasqua. Their new collection of limited cream eyeshadows are really pretty and gorgeous - there I go again - freaking gorgeous!

For USD$42.50 per palette of 4 colours, are you gonna splurge on it? It's more expensive than MUFE's palette! Imagine spending RM500 now. Oh, no, surely not me!

The best thing about cream eyeshadows - no fallouts even when they come in glittery formula like NYX Cream Glitterati Palette!

This palette is definitely for glitter lovers - USD$13 only for 13 colours - you should get this palette and add it to your collection just in case you need it! I didn't order this enormous palette but I got 2 mini sizes of it :) 10 colours are enough for me.

Pigment Eyeshadows

I used to hate pigment eyeshadwos because I thought they were so inconvenient if being compared to pressed eyeshadows. I didn't know we could actually press the pigments at home.

After quite some time, I've decided to give these pigment eyeshadows another try and guess what, I'm loving them now!

NYX surely has the most inexpensive pigment eyeshadows!

Remember to check them out if you wanna save on them - usually you can get them at USD$1.50 to USD$3 depending on which site you wanna buy them from.

I own 2 of these babies and believe me, they're sure pigmented!

Another cheaper brand would be Jesse's Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dusts that retails for USD$3.99 each.

I love the colours but the downside is that, it's not available in Malaysia. I was lucky enough a friend helped me to buy them while she was in the US few months back - I adore their pigments!

Next up, pigments from MUFE.

Need I say more?

I won't splurge so much on a single colour for the time being. Let's say, I shall when I'm a millionaire. Hahahaha. It retails at USD$13 to USD$17, not sure about it's price in Malaysia though.

Coming next in the splurge line would be Ben Nye's pigments.

I've heard good reviews of them but too bad, they're quite expensive and not easily available locally. I'm not sure of the price but if you know, lemme know.

The internationally famous brand - MAC, has their own line of pigments.

Expensive? Kinda - USD$19.50 each. If I'm not mistaken, it should be around RM60 to RM80 per bottle of pigment.

Last but not least, one of the most expensive pigments that comes in very small jar - we have to credit Urban Decay for them.

Retails at USD$20 per bottle - that is freaking expensive because I remember reading a blog post about these pigments. They come in a very mini jar - much, much, much smaller than other high-end brands.

I've got few of these babies coming. Will share by next year. Hahaha. I didn't get it for USD$20 each of course - I got it for USD$2 each from Hautelook. Hahaha. Damn worth it, right?

End of pigments' stories.

Single Eyeshadows

I am not a big fan of single eyeshadows because I always think they're so not worth it unless you're a make-up enthusiaste that make-up on everyday basis, like my sister. But if you love them because of the quantity, I'd say the cheapest would have to go to NYX!

They retail at USD$5.50 each. If you could find them within Malaysia, it should be around RM15 or RM18 per colours - I own 2 of these - great colour pay-off. Comparable to MAC.

Why do I know?

Well, I just so happen to buy MAC's Mineralize Eyeshadow lately and I love it but the colour pay-off isn't as great as NYX's.

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow mostly retails at USD$19 to USD$26. Expensive for single-coloured eyeshadow, right?

Well, if you're a budget, don't get these but if you've gotten these, great for you. I love mine!

Eyeshadow Palettes

Lately, Wet n' Wild came out with very, very budget-friendly eyeshadow palettes that have 6 different colours in one palette.

Reviews are good and best of all, they retail at USD$5.50 each. Now you tell me, how is that not worth it?

Next in line would be those palettes from NYX.

NYX's 10-colour palettes retail at USD$9.50 per palette and they're almost the same price as Maybelline's and Loreal's palettes. The only difference is that, they're more pigmented and long-lasting! I got mine in Jazz Night and Brown Eyes!

Just earlier this year, NYX came out with new palettes - hooray - they're permanent, don't worry!

NYX Smokey Look Kits - USD$11 for each. Good colour payoff and yada, yada, yada.

But if you're greedy and you want all those 4 palettes but hesitant to pay USD$44 for all the palettes, now, you don't have to worry, you can pay USD$22 and get everything in one in NYX Smokey Look Collection!

Additionally, you'll get glitters and highlights and bronzers. Shit, I should have gotten this one instead!

Smokey eyes' lovers - no problem!

This retails for USD$15 each. Not sure about it since I didn't get this set but you can search it online. I guess it's not so bad.

If you're thinking to SPLURGE real bad... consider the items below!

Smashbox Eye Wish Look Book at RM200++ at all Smashbox counters in Malaysia. Go to Make-Up Geek for more swatches and review!

Same applies for Tarte's palettes!

~ Tarte The Jewelry Box USD$52 ~

~ Tarte The Royal Collection USD$42 ~

Seriously, go to Make-Up Geek for more swatches and review!

They could be the best Christmas presents ever!

If you're wondering about Urban Decay's palettes... well... for sure they're in the SPLURGE list as always!

~ Naked Palette USD$44 ~

~ Book of Shadows III USD$54 ~

Since I'm in pokai mode, no more shopping! Hahaha...

But if you wanna give me any of the above items, feel free to contact me. Hahahaha.

Thank you for stopping by!


margie gates said...

nice entry.love it.
i am too into this whole make up thing.
i love MUFE cream eyeshadow.bt as u say.it too expensive!
btw,which site u buy those cheap pigment eyeshadow?

Angel Valerie said...

@margie gates, yes, MUFE is way out of the list, unless you're a make-up artiste or somebody who wears make-up all the times.

you mean NYX pigments? you can get them via here. NYX's pigments are very pigmented and yeah, great quality and also they come in a lot of different shades. As for pigments from Jesse's Girl, you'd need to find somebody to do the spree for you.

Good luck!