Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm stripped NAKED for life!

You should have seen it in my face now.

I'm in terrible pain due to the extraction of my tooth earlier this morning. Yes, so freaking painful that after the procedure, I went like, "FML, FML, FML, FML, FML and FML more!"

I mean like, why me?


Since I can't talk, might as well blog.

So, I was attending mum's friend's son's wedding... pheww... yes, so, I finally took out my Naked palette and used it - yes, finally, I've set my hands on this wonderful palette. I super, super love it.

Don't you just love the packaging? I'm so in love with the velvety cover of the palette but the mini UDPP came with it is a little bit dried up - I guess I can't complain too much, right?

Anywhere, here's the products I've used.

I'm still in love with my Stage Photo Finish Foundation - medium to full coverage, depending on your liking.

So, this is my naked face with foundation and little bit concealer for natural finish.

Hence, I have a new slogan, "No perfect complexion, no problem - Stage Photo Finish Foundation has it all for flawless skin!"

Finally... a look with Naked palette.

Lousy camera quality... Let's look at another picture.

Okay, I'm a noob at new palettes because I always feel quite sayang to use them. Hahaha... In another word, it's called kedekut.

Oh... I did a hair inspired by Rosalie Cullen of Twilight.

And I'm NOT a fan of Twilight - I never watched any of the series. Thereafter, this is the final look!

Of course with blush, highlighter, lip gloss, yada, yada, yada... everything is included in one! So, up to this point, I've only touched only 5 colours in Naked palette - Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Creep and Toasted.

All of a sudden, I hate my nose - it looks so flat these days. It must have been that I've been sleeping on my face too much lately. Haha. Shall consider getting plastic surgery done if I have the money to do so.

Oh, on another note, I have just got my parcel - my long-awaited Coastal Scents' Camo Quad is finally here!

Have yet to try it out but swatched all the colours already.

On the comment of the texture - unlike what I've read from thousands of reviews, it's not overly creamy and not overly dry on my hand. I'm not sure how it'll perform on my dark undereye circles.

Let's just leave it for another day, shall we?

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