Thursday, December 23, 2010


Just so you're wondering... yes, I'm still in pain at the moment but the pain is getting a lot better than yesterday. The only thing is that, yesterday, there was NO swelling but today, I woke up with a swollen left cheek.

Mum said I look like I was being punched by somebody.

Can you see my swollen left cheek? I told dad that I have square-ish left cheek and U-shaped right cheek after the surgery. He laughed and said, "Then, you're now an ugly duckling."

My sister was even worse, she told me, "You've got no more market value with this kinda face."


My lips are terribly dryand chapped today due to the overstretching of my mouth's muscles yesterday, during the surgery. Further more, I was bleeding from the corner of my mouth yesterday and eeeww... disgusting! It's super painful but luckily I have my lip care product from my aunt in Australia, or else, for sure I'll be dead because normal lip balms don't help much.

Well, I still can't eat anything solid due to the pain in my mouth - the only food I've taken since early morning was mango juice, teh-o ais, yogurt drink and also milk.

Count my blessing that I can still drink.

I feel so botak in my mouth now.

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