Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stila Kajal Eyeliner

Disclaimer - This is my personal opinion on the product and please don't come to me saying, "You're lying, this works perfectly fine on me!"

I've read a lot of reviews and unbelievably, a lot of beauty geeks out there rave and rave about Stila Kajal Eyeliners.

Hence, once upon a time, I raved about this eyeliner too, especially seeing them being used by make-up gurus like Aubrey and the infamous Michelle Phan. I made up my mind that I NEEDED** these babies in my wishlist for colours like onyx, topaz and sapphire.

**if you don't realize, it's past tense!

I got it in onyx several months back and I was ecstatic about it - honestly! I thought, "At last, I finally got my hands on Stila's most wanted eyeliner!

Boy, I was so freaking wrong!

High end products don't always promise a satisfactory results because everyone is different - well, you have to bear that in mind.

On the first try, I lined my waterline and also did tightlining. Well, as expected, the result was great because even with soft strokes, the line was heavenly pigmented since the eyeliner itself is so freaking creamy.

Bad thing was... the lines didn't stay put the whole day even though I tried layering them with black eyeshadows. FML - Stila is damn expensive, okay?!

Yes, yes, I know the fact that these eyeliners are NOT waterproof.

So, I've decided to give it a second try a while ago.

There I was, patting on my BB cream, concealer, loose powder, primer, yada, yada, yada... finally it came to that eyeliner! I lined it on my lid this time around and after few blinks, I realized the eyeliner had transferred onto my concealed dark circles and this made my dark circles worse than the unconcealed state!

There... I'm too ashamed to show you the effect, thus, I drew the pictures for your reference so, please do not criticize my drawing is bad.

I had to remove the stains with make-up remover because it made a mess on my concealed eye area. The pain in the arse was that I had to re-apply the BB cream and concealer and loose powder agan! I totally hated and hating it!

My takes on Stila Kajal Eyeliner


  • Glides on like heaven because it is so creamy!

  • Super pigmented!

  • Cons

  • Sh*t happens - it's not waterproof!

  • Not smudge proof!

  • Easily transferred onto your cheeks!

  • Expensive!

  • Not available in Malaysia.

  • Price


    Will I get it again?


    Luckily I have gotten it in a mini size or else I'll deeply regret it to death! Well, perhaps, like I've said previously, I will consider setting up a blog to sell those pre-loved or even new cosmetics one of these days.

    Thus, I have decided to dislike it.

    End of story.

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