Thursday, November 11, 2010

As busy as a bee!

Gawd... I can't believe I've been home for 20 days or so!

Time really sizzles!

I've been pretty occupied with lotsa stuffs ever since I got home and the bad thing is, thesis is the last thing on my mind even though I do want to get over it as soon as possible.

Two days ago, I went for Sibu Legion of Mary's annual dinner with my parents at Sheraton and mum was busy the whole day, baking a cake for the dinner. I was running around, having to buy this and that to bake the cake!

Yes, the dinner marked SLM is 23 years old! This is home-baked cheesecake sponsored by mum and dad!

Honestly, I went there just to makan since I know no prayers in Chinese - well, I'm a banana, err... half a banana since I can speak Chinese. Well, camwhore has to be in the list too if you have a vain sister with you!

Pardon me for my naked face. Hahaha... No make-up for that day since my eyes are extra sensitve these days plus, I'm getting lazier even though I have like a gazillion make-up products with me.

Then, last week, I was at Kuching over the weekend to visit my buddies and also lovely nieces and nephews since I haven't seen them for 3 months or maybe more than that.

~ Lovely Belinda and Doria ~

Basically, when girls gather together for fun, the only thing that is on their mind would be SHOPPING! Hahaha... I guess that'll explain my Stage Cosmetics' Haul. Yes, yes, I'm an cosmetic addict. I should set up a blog to sell some of the things I don't use perhaps - will consider about it soon.

Other than that, my main purpose of going to Kuching was to visit any of the beaches - hence, we went to Santubong courtesy of Lina who knew the way there very well. If we depend on Sharon... sure we'd get lost on the way.

~ Girl power ~

Most of the nights I was there, we frequented bars at Kuching. No, I'm not an alcohol addict but it's just I haven't been going to bars or clubs for such a long, long time!

Hence, we got crazy in the bar together with Sharon's HTC Desire. Muahahaha...

Other than traveling and stuffs, I spent most of my time at home - doing housework. Hahaha... There are just too many things to do at home. I've been spending a lot of time dressing up my cats and kittens and also teasing Kiki and Bobo. LOLX...

Friends have been asking me out from time to time but I'm just too busy - a lot of things to do!

My parents been planning to go to Bintulu next week but it's still in plan since little Danny is sitting for SPM this year. Then again, dad changes the plan to visit an aunt in Bintangor. Well, let's see what I shall be doing there again.

Shall update soon!

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