Saturday, October 30, 2010

Skin79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream Plus

I hate this feeling.

Especially when I have certain ravings for certain things.

Furthermore, especially if you've gotta spend certain amount of moo-lah to get it too. As of now, lemme tell you a story about BB Creams.

Lately, I have been raving about Skin79's BB Creams and it is crazily maddening, okay?! If you don't know what Skin79 is, go and google it up somewhere. I bet you'll come across these pictures below.

Skin79 is infamous for their BB Creams. I remember there was a roadshow several years back at Jusco, Midvalley to promote this BB Cream and the introductory price was at freaking RM169. Geez... who would spend RM169 on a bottle of BB Cream? Then, on that particular day, they were having this 50% discount or something like that and these babies were sold at RM89.90 but still, I didn't get it since it was hella expensive!

Few years later, another friend introduced me to Skin79 Hot Pink Super BB Cream and said that her complexion has gotten so much better after using this for a period of time. I was too hesitant to try this one out because the reviews weren't so good. I always expect my BB Creams to be on medium to full coverage but from what I've heard, this one does nothing to the complexion.

Then, I was introduced to their slightly newer versions of BB Creams.

The packaging of these two BB Creams are simply beautiful beyond words. I mean, I for example, would pay for packaging on several occasions. I know, I waste a lot of moo-lah but what to do?

Reviews? Erm... Didn't get a lot of good reviews too.

Since half year ago, I've been eyeing Skin79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream but I gave up on the thought of getting one since I thought BB Cream sucks on me especially after my encounter with BB Cream from Shills - it made me looked ghostly pale.

This BB Cream comes with attached lip and cheek stain, which means I won't need to bring along my blushers, lip sticks and glosses everywhere I go - all I need is this bottle of BB Cream!

Eki is using the exact BB Cream and her review on this was really good back then so, I was tempted to get this one but it was hard to get this baby in Malaysia.

After so much hardwork, I finally found there are forumers in LYN that are selling different types of BB Creams from Skin79 ranging from RM40 to RM70. The Oriental Gold BB Cream is sold at around RM60 to RM65, which is, a little to the pricey side.

Hence, when I almost gave up on trying to get my hands on this baby, I found out, this year, as in 2010, Skin79 released a newer version of The Oriental Gold BB Cream and named it The Oriental Gold BB Cream PLUS. The packaging is in GOLD - one of my favourite colours!

When I saw this baby, I jumped in joy because I was telling myself, "I have to get this! I have to get this by hook or by crook!"

Please don't hate me because you can easily get this baby at LYN too! With triple the goodness of The Oriental Gold BB Cream, this baby sure gives you more promises than ever!

Well, this baby is on it's way to me and guess what? I will review it when I've gotten it next week! Muahahahahaha...

*laughter of victory*

Oh, by the way - I really wanna get the FULL collection of this line from Skin79!

So, who want to sponsor me?

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