Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ways to reward yourself

I am bored.

Yes, I am freaking bored can die.

I've done going out with friends for the RM2 sushi bonanza at Sushi King.

I've done going in and out of my room.

I've done jumping on my bed.

But I am still bored.

Hence, I'm going to share with you all ways to reward yourself especially after you've been through so many ups and downs but mind you, these are NOT ways to reward yourself if you've dumped your boyfriend or girlfriend or being dumped by them.

These are ways to reward yourself if you're losing weight.

No joke, once you're losing weight, you'll be motivated to do whatever I've done! I'm just educating you all the wrong way.

For viewers under 21 years of age, shoo, shoo! I know your parents are gonna strangle me after you've read this entry because... I'm teaching you how to spend your money wisely.

Hence, Imma gonna teach you how to reward yourself because I went through a total of 4 months trying to lose those 14kg of fat.

First of all, you SHOULD have a wishlist that you want to do when you've just embarked on your weight loss journey. My wishlist is...
  1. Able to put on my old clothes. CHECKED!
  2. Buy more sexy and curvilicious dresses to show off. CHECKED!
  3. Buy more skirts than jeans because I love mini skirts. CHECKED!
  4. Pamper myself with my love, Urban Decay. DOUBLE CHECKED!!!
  5. Dump my old clothes. TRIPLE CHECKED!!!
  6. Buy more formal dresses - splurged too much on normal ones.
  7. Quit the habit of eating fast food - eating less and less.
  8. Travel to Korea to meet oppa - this is a must!
Hence, those are in my wishlist. Hahaha... I expect a lot from myself. Still, I have limitations because I need money to undo the limitations. That's why I told you, if you're under 21 years of age, don't read this!

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