Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clinique and me!

I can't believe I'm home for one week and yes, I've practically done nothing except going out with friends and watching dramas and movies. Hence, most of the time, I'm procrastinating over finishing my thesis.


But still, I am happy because life here is with minimum level of stresses although I do have so many things to do. Hence, let's talk about my favourite topic - beauty, skincare and perfume!

As much as I love cosmetics, skincare products, perfumes and also anything related to fashion, I'm quite particular about the brands I use. Erm... I'm a brand-specific person and yes, very, very choosy too.

So, Imma gonna talk about Clinique today.

Well, I don't think Clinique needs anymore introduction from me since they're famous for their skincare but as of cosmetics, I'm still quite doubtful of them. It's kinda weird I'm raving their newest anti-ageing product. Hahaha...

My aunt from Australia sent me a parcel last week and everything in the parcel are pretty much from Clinique - it was quite unexpected that she'd send so many things to me.

Hahaha... Looks scarce, right? I gave some of the lipsticks, eyeshadows and also day and night creams to mum, dad and stupid sister already.

Even the PINK cosmetic bag is from Clinique and also pink symbolizes another thing since it's October already!

~ Muka baru bangun tidur thought it's already 1pm or so ~

Hahaha... I've just cut my hair shorter and well... regretting it right now because long hair felt so much better but then again... hair fall is one of the biggest problems for long-haired girls.

Alright... back to my Clinique gifts...

I was searching for a good compact powder or foundation earlier this month and wanted to get Skin79's BB Compact initially and aunt saved me the pokai-ness of getting one by sending me Clinique's compact powder. More over, she gave me FREE refill - this can last me for one year or so!

The shade I've gotten is Matte Beige. At first, I thought this shade is tad too fair when I took pictures with it but after a while, amazingly, it didn't look ghastly or ghostly at all! It works like BB Cream for your information - slightly.

Price? I don't know - since it's FREE.

I've gotten 3 lipsticks too from aunt too - Clinique Long Last Lipstick range.

From Clinique's website, these are the swatches you'll see...

Well, they look quite good, right?

Lemme show you their REAL swatches.

~ Creamy Nude, All Heart, Dubonnet ~

I ended up giving All Heart and Dubonnet to mum since the colours don't suit me when applied on my lips - I'm more of nude-lipped girl. Hence, I love Creamy Nude to the max. It doesn't make you look like you have lipstick on but just good enough to give coverage and also moistens your lips - not sheer too, in which this is great for me.

I'm not a big fan of mascara honestly and from what I've tried, mascaras from Clinique don't look appealing to me too - they never gave me any volume since I have typical short, Asian lashes. What I've gotten in the parcel is something as below.

Err... The effect I've gotten is just about what I've achieved with L'Oreal's Telescopic Mascara - no uummpphh at all! Looks as if I don't wear any mascara - cheh...

I hate mascaras - better get false lashes!

Speaking of eyeshadows, I should refrain myself from getting more because I've gotten UD's BOS III and also Naked, so, with these 2 palettes together with few from Shiseido and also NYX, I think I have more than enough to last myself for 2 to 3 years. If I'm given FREE eyeshadows, I will not say no to them.

No swatches because I've given it to stupid sister since I figured out I don't need this mini palette and yeah, Clinique's palettes don't really get my attention.

I'm sorry if you're a fan of Clinique's eyeshadows.

Next up in the parcel are these...

Skincare range - I gave them away to mum since I'm not Clinique's user. I'm still sticking to my L'Oreal Revitalift products.

You see, there's one for The Mister also.

I gave this to dad because The Mister has yet to enter my life. Hahahaha... Dad is forever the King of My Heart.

Well, those are pretty much what are in the parcel. I have gotten some freebies from Christian Dior, Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Taylor too!

Lipstick from CD!!! This is pure love okay - pink!

Yippee... these things can last me for few more months but still, I'm a big fan of Burberry's perfumes but if I've gotten perfume freebies, I won't say no to them. Hahaha...

Well... Imma gonna stay happy for a little while more, I guess. Gotta go, need to dress up for my date!

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