Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Argh... I have datelines to meet and yet, I can still sit here and blog - certainly no motivation to finish up my Literature Review in 2 weeks - damn motivation, where the heck are you?

I have yet to submit my gunmetal chart that was due yesterday and yet I can still procrastinate.

Furthermore, instead of sitting right in front of my pink lappie and do my Literature Review, I still went out with friends for the past 3 days and I feel like I'm totally crazy right now!

Then again, I keep on telling myself, "Don't worry, you still have 2 more weeks to finish up your Chapter 2!"

Now, I'm left with only 6 freaking days and that doesn't sound good especially when I have not a single thing in mind on how to start writing my Chapter 2!

Anyway, I went to Debenhams with a friend yesterday and spotted this lovely curvy dress and I fell in love with it immediately.

Priced at RM399, how can I buy it? It's freaking more expensive than my UD's BOS III and shit, on which occasions can I actually wear this dress out? Again, forgive my bulging tummy - the fat just won't go away no matter how hard I've tried.

Oh, boy, might as well undress and get other things done.

For example...

~ O-hai, people, we iz sisters ~

Camwhoring! What else can you do when there are only you, your sister and also a great big mirror in front of you - camwhore!

Alright, enough of silly pictures, gotta get back to work. Talk you y'all later, love ya, muacks!

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