Monday, October 4, 2010

Forever 21 wishlist

Went over to Forever 21 at 1 Utama this afternoon with few friends in the hunt for an engagement gown, not for me but for another friend.

Since she was busy trying on her gowns, I took the opportunity to try out a few too but too bad, it is NOT my engagement, hence, I don't think I need to make another impulsive purchase since those dresses don't come cheap.

WARNING - below are the pictures without being photoshopped since I'm just too lazy to photoshop anything - it's 1.36a.m. for goodness sake!

Please ignore my flabby arms and big tummy and also fat around my thick waist.

Verdict #1 - The Diva

The red dress comes at RM169, mind you - no kidding. I love the details of the dress because as usual, I love flowers and I love RED dresses!

If there would be someone to sponsor me with this dress, I'll love him or her to death!

Verdict #2 - The Little Black Dress

If you don't know me, I love empire-cut dresses because these dresses will definitely hide your thick waist and big tummy. The plus point is that empire-cut dresses will also draw the attention to your boobs, so, I love them!

Priced at RM69 for this little black dress is certainly a steal but I won't be getting this piece since I don't have any special occasions that I'd need to attend to.

The parents were telling me, "Wear this black dress out for a date with Mr. Doctor."

They're just being crazily cute!

Verdict #3 - The Pokai Goddess

No money, how to buy?

Go home la...

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