Saturday, September 4, 2010

When the day finally comes...

Sounds familiar, right? Muahahaha... I've been blogging about similar entry for several times this year and... here it is, another entry but made special with special appearance from Sherry!

That's what I've heard over the years, "When the day finally comes for you to walk down the aisle with love of your life time, that is when you know, what God has united, men must not divide."

Well... it's Sherry's wedding - I've heard about it since 2 semesters ago and finally, her big day came and as a friend cum sister, I'm really glad that she's met her prince since 4 years ago.

I know throughout the journey to this very day, the road has not been easy. Both of them went through a lot of ups and downs to be where they are at this moment of life.

Tears were welling in my eyes when I saw her crying during the blessing. I was indeed touched by the story told my the groom - how they met, what kinda decisions they've made and also the promises they told each other.

Sherry has always been like a sister. I remember having her combing my hair for me like I've always dreamt of, having an elder sister like her and somebody to just tag along with my silly jokes and she is there all along, never failing to guide me like an elder sister.

Waaaah... why all my close friends are getting married - one by one geh? This is such a tensed situation ler... I'm getting older by day and yet, still sitting here, as a single.

Anyway, last picture before I end this entry.

Congrats again to my dearest Sherry and her groom! May the Lord's blessings, love and care be with you and your love!

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