Friday, September 3, 2010

The story of a new love...

I was with a friend at KLCC the other day where both of us gossiped about lectures, theses and people around us.

It was already 10.15pm when we've decided to settle down for a cup of latte, initially at Starbucks but all of a sudden, I got so tired of Starbucks' beverages because having been working at Starbucks for close to one year, I've basically tried all of their existing beverages. Hahaha... I know, I should count my blessings but yeah, I'm open to new adventures.

But if you're at Starbucks and if you do see Coffee Jelly Frappucino available, give it a try - totally recommended!

Oh, yeah... by the way, if you have Jusco Card or HSBC credit card, remember to flash them at any Starbucks' outlets for ongoing 10% discount for the purchase of food and beverages, alright?

In the end, we went to Dome since my friend is a big fan of lattes from Dome. According to her, the lattes in Dome are far better than those in Starbucks or Coffee Bean or whatever.

I didn't settle for latte because I wanted to try something new - something that is not offered in menus at Starbucks, so, I went for Flat White. If you don't know what Flat White is, go and google it up because I can't help you to understand it but still, if you're curious, lemme just show you the picture.

There you go!

I know, the coffee doesn't look alluring from the picture but... honestly, it's not so bad. I've never tried Flat White in Starbucks before but that was quite good honestly. I especially love, love, love the almond biscotti.

Hahaha... I'm a real caffeine addict right now - I can't have enough of coffees lately. I can have like 3 cups of coffees in a day and still, craving for more!

Cut the caffeine talk - this is the pure NEW love!

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