Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Merdeka Day Haul

You know what?

I have this love-hate relationship with myself sometimes.

I hate myself when I'm procrastinating but I love myself when it comes to shopping. I mean, hey, which girl doesn't like shopping, you tell me.

Hence, shopping is my middle name. Now, if only I could get a rich boyfriend, everything would be solved. Muahahaha...

*evil grin*

Please don't hate me because I'm going to hien my stuffs again but don't worry, they're not at all more than RM10 each exception for my make-up brush pouch, which was RM27. But,hey... it's soooo worth it, okay? My babies have been put away, naked, for quite some times and they need shelter too!

I've been thinking and thinking to get this pouch for quite some time because the bristles of my make-up brushes are slowly going out of shape, hence, this pouch is a must! If I don't buy this pouch, I bet I'm going to regret forever because some of my make-up brushes are not cheap and not available in Malaysia. For RM27, the material is really good.

See... The brushes look happy. LOLX!

The next item is...

*drums roll*

I hate to admit it but I have black and white heads residing on my chin and not nose. How weird is that? Thus, Biore Pore Pack has always been my best friend but the thing about that pore pack is that it doesn't come cheap.

Hence, the other day, I found another alternative from Watson and they're selling this Japanese Pore Pack for RM8.80 only for 10 pieces. That means it's RM0.88 per piece and it's RM0.40 cheaper than Biore's.

It works exactly like Biore's, so... definitely recommended!

I've been wanting to get a pantyhose and also leggings for quite some time already because the old ones are spoilt.

So, I bought pantyhose at RM3.90 only and leggings for RM9.90 only! Cheap or not? These are for CNY, so, don't say I'm rich because I know all of you out there will be buying something more than just RM3.90 + RM9.90 = RM13.80 for CNY.

Yes, CNY, you didn't read wrongly. I won't be at KL for more shopping spree any time in December or January, hence, I need to shop for CNY now.

Alright... the last one in the list actually is pretty irrelevant but still, I bought it because it's just soooooo freaking cute.

I wanted to settle for a pink contact lenses' case but the pink one is really ugly, hence, it explains why I bought a blue one instead.

The price is... well... this one is uber cheap. RM3 only.

Well, that's all for Merdeka Day!


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