Saturday, August 28, 2010

In need of an evening gown...

And I finally got it at Kitschen.

Lemme hien a bit on the few pieces of dresses that I like and have tried but no sufficient cash to purchase them all...

#1 - Spring-inspired flowery layer dress from Nichii - RM59.90 before 10% discount!

This is the ONLY dress I've tried at Nichii before going to Kitschen.

I like the flowery dress but my sister was telling me that I looked like a layered-cake in it, hence it baffled me because I paling pantang people telling me that I look like cakes, in which it means, "You're fat!"

#2 - Royal blue tube dress at RM79.90 before 30% discount

I like the cutting of the top part of this royal blue tube dress but my big tummy is too obvious over here, hence, I didn't get this piece... I love the royal blue colour though.

#3 - Pink and purle satin tube dress at RM89.90 before 30% discount

Isn't the picture above portrays the sweetness of the tube dress? Darn... I thought of getting this piece initially but they don't have the size I want. It's a little too big especially on the breast and also tummy - which makes me look like a pregnant lady.

#4 - Shocking pink and black layered tube dress at RM99.90 before 30% discount

That is the final piece of dress I've tried at Kitschen before giving up the whole thought of buying a new dress for BFF's wedding. Hahaha... The dress is nice but the price is even nicer.

Hence, I walked out of Kitschen - tangan kosong and another moment later, I went in and bought one of the dresses after giving in to my desire.

Wait, wait, wait... I made it sound so wrong by saying, "giving in to my desire."

Hahahaha... lemme show you and hien one last time on the dress I've bought at Kitschen.

I don't care if I look fat or not. LOLX! I want that black and pink dress because I fell in love with it, hence, I bought it.

P/S - I'm just too lazy to photoshop my fatness away, I mean, who cares? Not me - at least for the time being.

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