Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My NYX Wishlist

Update - NYX products can now be bought at Colours Cosmetics if you are from Malaysia and Singapore!

If you have been following my blog for quite some time, I bet you know I love NYX Cosmetics so, so much. They're not only affordable if you wanna compare them to MAC, Bobbi Brown, yada, yada, yada. On the whole, the quality of especially their eyeshadows is really closer or similar to MAC. You can google it online as I can't do any swatches because I don't own any MAC products.

I do have a NYX wishlist of items that I really wanna get but then again, getting means buying and buying as of now, cannot be done because I'm kinda in a bankruptcy mode since I'm not working already this semester.

Let's look at my wishlist, shall we?

1. NYX Purple Smokey Look Kit

Althought I know I cannot pull off any looks that require purple eyeshadow, still, I really want to set my hand on this baby. It has gotten good reviews from fellow beauty vloggers and also bloggers.

2. NYX Bronze Smokey Look Kit

This Bronze Smokey Look Kit is AMAZING, I tell you - I have watched it being used to create that bronze goddess look and I totally fell in love with it although I don't really need it, hence, it's a wishlist - I don't mind people giving me for free though.

3. NYX Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit

As the age catches up, I find myself indulging more on natural-coloured eyeshadows such as browns, neutral skintone colours, pinks and so on - having natural-coloured eyeshadows in your daily make-up routine can really help especially on days you're feeling like not wanting to wear heavy make-up but still wanna look great - hence, this is another MUST HAVE for me.

4. NYX Matte Smokey Look - One Night in Morocco

I love smokey eyes because smokey eyes can make you look irresistible and sexy, especially if you have dinner or function to attend to. Pair it with nude lips, voila, you're done!

5. NYX The Make-Up Box

Yet to set my hands on this baby - I like this palette just because it comes with 16 different eyeshadows, 3 blushers, 4 lip colours and also 2 different brushes. Don't you just love make-up palettes? Hahaha... If you're opting for a vintage or Minnie Mortimer look, this is definitely the palette you should get! I want, I want!

6. NYX Jumbo Eyecolour Pencils

~ Pure Gold, Rocky Mountain Green, Electric Blue, Purple Velvet ~

The above four JEPs are newly introduced not long ago and upon looking at the swatches from beauty bloggers, I fell in love with them, especially JEP in Pure Gold. Hahahaha... Oh, boy, there I go again. Hence, the colours I want are:

Pure Gold
Iced Mocha

Not a lot - at least that is what I think. Shhh... Don't even get started with what I have in my traincase!!!

7. NYX 10 Color Palette

The palettes from this collection are raved by a lot of beauty vloggers and bloggers out there and my hands are already itchy wanting to get few of the palettes. I heard the colour payoff is great considering it's price. There are altogether 3 palettes that I want from this collection.

Again, lemme remind you - wanting and buying are two different things - I want them but it doesn't mean I will buy them as of now - pokai mode, okay?

~ Supermodel ~

This Supermodel palette is great for blue smokey eyes if you're a blue colour lover! I'm in love with it judging from its colour! Have to get it, have to get it - buy me one, especially dedicated to Ms. Mimi Chen. Hahahaha... I heard they're already in Singapore!

~ Secret World ~

~ Strike-a-pose ~

Secret World and Strike-a-Pose palettes are especially suitable for everyone during every ocassion! If your skin tones are towards fair, then, you should get these palettes because the colours will enhance your whole look! I want them, I want them!

~ Jazz Night ~

I love Aubrey and the looks she has created at youtube. For one of the looks she's created, she used Jazz Night and I went like, "No way! I have to get Jazz Night no matter what!"

~ For Your Eye Colour Brown ~

Thank you so much, NYX, for coming out with palettes specially dedicated for people with different eye colours! LOLX! I love this palette, hence, among all, I MUST have this one!!!

Alright, that would be my list as of now but wait a minute...Don't get started with, "What-laa... you're rich ma, can buy a lot!"

No, I'm not rich, therefore, I have a wishlist. If I am rich, I have already bought all of the items above. It is because I am NOT rich that I have to work hard to earn to buy the above items.

Don't tell me, "Aiya, mai ke ke la... I know you're rich because you've already own a lot of cosmetics!"

Owning is different thing because it doesn't necessarily mean I was the one who bought all of them. Some of the products I have in my possession are gifts from family and friends, some are swapped with forumers while some are bought by myself. When I buy or order, I'd make sure that the brands I am going for are having sales because, as I've said - pokai mode ON!!!

Most of the expensive ones, I've gotten them as presents - yeah, lucky me because I don't need to buy stuffs from brands like MAC, Shiseido, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Clinique - I get them from people around me.

After this, I'm thinking of letting go my 88 colour palette soon... at a very low price of course! Will update on it soon!

Enough say, no point going on and on because my parcels are gonna be here tomorrow finally - after waiting for 2 whole freaking months!!!

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