Thursday, August 19, 2010

I wish it's Christmas everyday!

Update - NYX products can now be bought at Colours Cosmetics if you are from Malaysia and Singapore!

But even if it's not Christmas, you can still give yourself a little treat from time to time but still, make sure it doesn't burn your pocket, alright?

I've finally gotten my parcel after waiting for close to 1.5 months.

I went to the post office to collect it yesterday and ended up having myself tailed by this Pakistani psycho, wanting me to bring him to Chow Kit. Perhaps he thought I looked like some kinda prostitute, who knows? Fuck his life! Why would a prostitute wear a super long t-shirt with 3/4 pants and walking about in daylight? Fuck his life - for being gatal at his old age and for trying to hook me up!

I'll leave that for another day.

So, basically, my ELF, ULTA and NYX orders came on the same day and I love every bit of it! The sad thing is, certain orders are already out of stock, hence they refunded me.

Can you believe all the items above do not even reach RM40 inclusive of postage and mind you, all of them are from US - US budget products, okay and not the high-end products!

Happy, happy!!!

I've been raving for ULTA's automatic eyeliner for years and finally I've gotten it after so long and the best of all, it's just RM7.65 only - cheaper than our lousy Silky Girl eyeliner that costs RM13 or RM14!

Lemme show you some of the swatches of the products.

~ Copper, Black & Gold from NYX and Silver from ULTA ~

The size of the eyeliners from NYX is JUMBO, okay, jumbo! Meaning, BIG! Hahaha... and best of all, it was only RM5.60 each when I've gotten it!

Next in line would be swatches from ELF Cosmetics.

Priced at USD$1 per item, who wouldn't rave it? I don't know about others but for me, the blusher and bronzing powder are pigmented enough.

The only setback would be the blusher is way too powdery. You dip your brush into it and everything will turn powdery. With only USD$1 per item, there's no complain - cheaper and better than Daiso's blushers.

Now, come the deng, deng, deng... My favourite products ever...

Finally, gotten this palette! Hahaha... refer to my previous post regarding how much I want Jazz Night. Whheeee... Now you all can envy me. Die-die must pose with it.

I wouldn't say all the colours in the palette are great but for the price of USD$10, it's cheap enough!

The BEST thing of all...

I've gotten this for FREE!

Now, you know Angel is not filthy rich. Sometimes, I splurge and sometimes, I get free stuffs and sometimes, I swap my unused cosmetics with another person.

Ooooh... look at the swatches!

Gorgeous colours, ain't it?

Anyway, I've created a look using this palette - will update tomorrow or so!

Lastly, happy be-early Christmas to myself - there will be more be-early Christmas-es to come until the exact day!


simply Ed said...

really happy lor u

Angel Valerie said...

yes, happy, despite being tailed by a psycho!

simply Ed said...

tat one is choi..

Sighs... got bombed by my mum real bad. tml call and tell u bout it