Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I need votes

Update - NYX products can now be bought at Colours Cosmetics if you are from Malaysia and Singapore!

NYX Cosmetics Malaysia (Unofficial) is holding this Merdeka Day Special Make-Up Competition during the month of August. Well, since I've been exceptionally free this semester, I've done a look inspired by our Jalur Gemilang.

The winner will get to walk away with RM100 worth of products.

Perhaps, you'll think RM100 isn't much but for jobless me, RM100 is like the world (as of this moment) because it can last me for quite some time before I splurge on the next cosmetic spree again.

Dear friends, readers and strangers, I need your vote before 30th of August 2010.

Please go to NYX Cosmetics' Malaysia profile page in facebook, click "LIKE" to the profile, and then, do find ENTRY NO. 4 and thereafter, click "LIKE" again after finding the picture above.

I've already linked the page here, hence, you can just click here!

Your votes are very much appreciated!

Thank you!

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