Friday, August 6, 2010

Hey, you look familiar!

I'm pretty certain the phrase above sounds familiar to you, especially if you're a girl and certain guy out there is trying to do pick-up line, right?

Girls, if a guy ever try to hit on you using the phrase, "Do I know you from somewhere?" or "You look familiar," kick him in the arse! Those are the worst ever pick-up line ever, trust me!

We'll leave that to another day as for now.

So, I was at Femme City 2010 Expo last week, right? I went for a walk around with my cousin at Larrie's booth when the salesgirl approached me and asked, "Leng lui, yao mou yang tong lei gong lei chi bing go ah?"

Basically, the phrase when being translated into English becomes like this, "Pretty girl, did anyone tell you before you look familiar?"

I'm sorry if my Cantonese sucks - I'm not a Cantonese, remember?

Alright, alright... I know I'm forgiven for my sucky Cantonese.

So, I was quite puzzled when I heard so because I didn't know how to react, as in, responding to her in Cantonese. I went like, "Err... mou ah." Meaning, "Err... I don't think so."

"Lei chi mou, lei hou chi Yan Yee."

For a moment or two, I was thinking, "Who the hell is Yan Yee?"

"Hou chi Yan Yee gan fei si hau," which literally means, "Looks like the time when Yan Yee tried to lose weight."

If you don't know who the heck Yan Yee is, take a look at the picture...

After that, try to imagine, me, as in Angel, sitting on the chair and trying to devour a whole sausage like the little girl in the picture above did - that is Yan Yee, before she lost weight and when she was still a little kid.

Honestly, the more I see the pictures of Yan Yee when she was overweight, the more I feel I lookED like her in the past - shit, sama-sama GEMUK!

Oh, oh, oh... I know maybe some of you out there still haven't figure out who Yan Yee is, so, if you still don't know, maybe the following few pictures can stir your memory a bit.

Okay, there you go - the daughter of Adam Cheng and Lydia Sum - Joyce Cheng Yan Yee. Now, she does look familiar, right?

The salesgirl said the resemblance between Yan Yee and me is kinda uncanny. If you'd ask me, I don't even think we look alike in any sense, okay? It was then, all of a sudden, my cousin turned to look at me - no, no... not looking, she STARED at me for a while and said, "You know what? You do look like her a little."

Now, which side of me looks like her?

No, no, no... not alike, not alike... sikit pun tak sama - I know I looked like shit in the past, so, please don't remind me but that salesgirl didn't help much - she said I look like her when she was trying to lose weight. Meaning, I am fat.

Oh... Now, I see the resemblance - the spare tyres on my tummy - yucks, those spare tyres are disgusting. I mean mine, not hers. I don't have what it takes to criticize others when I don't look good at all.

But, who would have thought Yan Yee is sizzling hot now, right?

I mean, you would never guess that the girl in the left sides of the pictures can actually lost great amount of weight, thus, becoming the girl on the right sides of the pictures. Then again, which side of me looks like her? Not at all...

No cropping, no photoshopping with minimal make-up because I needed to work earlier, hence, I dressed like that.

Ooh... I didn't realize my hair is already so long.

*happy, happy*

Tell me again, people, which side of me looks like her?


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