Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Femme City 2010

This is truly one of the most amazing experience of mine, being able to work in this expo. Hence, I am thankful to my cousins for inviting me and stupid sister to join them for the 3-day expo at KLCC, Hall 5. Hahaha... If you've never been exposed to any expo at KLCC, you're at loss!

Work started from Thursday with the moving-around of boxes of products from our outlet at Kepong to KLCC and it ended on Sunday evening.

It was a torture wearing high heels and standing and walking around for around 10 hours, 3 days in a row but the experience was worthwhile, hence, no complaining even though my feet are still cramped right now.

Lemme share with you all how our booth looked like.

Now, please say you love us because we spent more than 5 hours, trying to put everything up before the expo and all of us were dead tired by the time everything ended. Even so, we still needed to attend product training!

Best of all, I get to kap zai during the expo. LOLX! That's me! Well, not a lot of leng zai but then, I met the infamous Joey Yap, who is the founder and master trainer at the Mastery Academy of Metaphysics.

If you don't know him, shame on you. Hahahaha...

He is truly MY TYPE - hence, you can strangle me now. I've met him in person and now, I can go langgar dinding already. Darn... he's so good-looking!

Besides that, I've got to know another heart-throb from Italy, whose name is Alex. I'll leave that for another day. Anyway, share with you all another entry soon!

I wanna go to MNG now!!!

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