Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My life is very monotonous...

Thus, I have to sleep with my pinky dolly every night. Too bad, I can't even hug her to sleep as she is not big enough to be hugged. I can't sleep with her being placed too close to me too because, I may squashed her!

Eew... I cannot imagine a life without her!

At least when my life is monotonous, I have a friend, an imaginary friend.

Update again, soon, alright - I've literally ran out of idea on what to blog because I haven't been doing anything special or crazy or interesting, hence, nothing much to share too.

Yes, no make-up tutorials or pictures or even cravings about Tsubasa too.

Hey, this is what monotonous life is all about, okay?!

I so feel like wanting to go to Seapark eat a plate of their infamous nasi lemak also cannot. Need to keep fit and no transport to go there.

So, nights!

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