Thursday, July 15, 2010

Love, love, love - NYX!!!

Update - NYX products can now be bought at Colours Cosmetics if you are from Malaysia and Singapore!

I've missed my package yesterday because damn, I was caught in the heavy rain for 1 hour and waited for the freaking bus to get me hell outta UM for 1 hour and in total, I spent 2.5 hours to get from UM to LRT University. Now, how good can things get when you wanna get a really urgent things done and even the weather is pulling a trick on you?

Since I've been down for the past few days and yes, I've blogged about it to let those problems and hatred out, now, I'm going to blog about something happy today.

I freaking walked half an hour to the post office and another half an hour back home just because I've missed Mr. Postman yesterday.

Oh, ni kes paling jahanam this century!

Anyway, I've finally gotten my NYX eyeshadow and beneath the single palettes, they're both written, "Made in S. Korea."

OMG, how can you not be happy?

It's South Korea, okay?

Yes, these are currently the ONLY NYX eyeshadow that I've own at this moment and they are awesome, okay? Oh, my current love - forget boyfriends! These eyeshadows are BIG TIME LOVE!

Even the names are so chic - sensual and wildfire. They're made for a person like me - sexy, sensual, wild and of course, smart.

Shoot me. Hahahahaha.

Can you see how pigmented the colour is? Hahaha... Sensual is great for party or dinner looks and wildfire - for the child in you!

Anyway... gonna try them later!

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