Saturday, July 24, 2010

The very next love of my life...

If you're expecting me to blog about SOMEONE, that special love of my life, then, maybe you can consider coming back in 5 years' time or so. Muahahaha... I'm so wicked. The very next love of my life it's not someone but it's SOMETHING.


Now, you can hate me! Muahahaha...

My first NYX parcel came about a month ago and I had no time to update on it just yet. I figure out since I'm going to be quite free now, lemme just show off the new addition in my cosmetic box! Yaaay!

My long awaited NYX parcel since April 2010 - crazy or not? Hahaha... International postage is completely crazy, I tell you - 2 months to get here!

Finally, I've set my hands on the lovely NYX Round Lipgloss that is very HOT in the US market for its price and also quality. I mean for USD$2 or so, who wouldn't want it, right?

By the way, just so you're wondering, I got it for RM8.60 each and it's filthy cheap comparing to all the ciplak brands we have in the market - lousy pigmentation, lousy colour and worse packaging!

NYX is pure love, okay... I've been setting my eyes on Sorbet and Whipped for quite long before deciding to purchase them! Here you go!

Not much of difference but Whipped is a little more to coral colour while Sorbet comes with a little glitter in it. All together, I love 2 of these!

Sorry for my ugly complexion - it's that time of the month again.

Colour - 5/5
Pigmentation - 4/5
Smell - 2/5
Lasting Power - 3/5

I'd appreciate it if NYX include a minty smell to the lip gloss but they smell like dishwashers. Hahaha... I'm sorry but that's my review. Don't worry, I still love them!

My second NYX parcel came this morning and voila, here comes my NYX Liquid Eyeliner... I've been waiting for this one for one week!

On the whole, that is how it looks like. The review was quite good and the price - cheaper than what you have in the market! For only RM9.90 only, I kid you not.

I tried the eyeliner immediately after that - you know, curiousity kills the cat somehow and now, I don't think I wanna get the second one because... it is not as sucky as ELF's eyeliner but definitely not the best so far.

Feels tad sticky after it dried up and a little uncomfortable and well, it's quite hard to get the eyeliner to sit properly on your eyelid. I hate this kinda thing.

Packaging - 4/5
Lasting Power 3/5
Comfortability - 3/5

I guess after this... I'm still going to be faithful to my ever so trusty Kate Liquid Eyeliner!

This is super love okay. The best ever eyeliner I've ever used out of my entire collection and the price... at a hefty RM39.90, available at all drugstores in Malaysia.

I hate the price but I heart the product.

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