Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The thing about Japanese girls...

You've gotta admit there's something in them that makes you love them. All the make-up tutorials on how to look like a gyaru or ulzzang all of a sudden gets you so interested in looks inspired by them.

If you're going to tell me that you don't fancy them, then, hell... you're lying, girls and liars will definitely not go to heaven. So, don't lie, okay?

Let's just say their fashion sense is AMAZING, okay? If you've noticed, the trends these days are flowery and also denim-inspired looks.

Darn... I found myself drooling over their every outfit as well as make-up! Argh, please kill me so that I can die and go to heaven! All their make-ups and outfits are gorgeous, so gorgeous even by looking you can faint and never wake up so that you can dream on.

Behold... the infamous Tsubasa Masuwaka...

Don't you just adore her kawaii-ness? Who would have guessed this amazing girl who's at my age has a child already and she even owns her cosmetic and fashion line. You can anticipate her nail colour line soon as it'll be launched sometime soon.

Can you recall Dolly Wink? If you can't, google it up! Dolly Winks are so in right now and those gorgeous false lashes are sold at RM50++ at Sasa.

My current crave is the item below...

It's the Dolly Highlighter. From what I've read, just dab it over the bridge of your nose and also below your eyes for that super, super angelic and gorgeous effect!

Damn Malaysia, why can't you carry things like these in the market? If I'm not mistaken, this is only available in the UK market and retails at £17 or something like that. Girls, do your own calculation and you can estimate the price of this baby in MYR.

I guess it'll be quite a long wait if you'd want it to be available here. Just take another look at Tsubasa's picture with the highlighter on, gorgeous, right?

Yikes... like how many times have I mention the word 'gorgeous' to you guys?

Okay, Imma gonna end here for now and continue craving for it.


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