Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When it comes...

I guess I've been trying really hard to be blog-active lately.

Anyway, I've been pestering my dad especially, to find me a boyfriend - I know I shouldn't do that but the funny thing is, dad always tags along with my nonsense.

One moment, he'd be saying, "I'll get you an engineer boyfriend tomorrow."

Another moment, he'd be saying, "No, not engineer, let's go for a lawyer instead."

You see, this is a never-ending cycle in the family lately. I think it could be due to my increasing age - by seconds and dad is worried that his daughter will never get attached. Hahahaha. My cute royal highness daddy.

Let's put this aside and talk about something else today.

I was talking to my cheesecake last night.

I heard people said, when the feeling comes, no matter how hard you want to push it away, it just won't go away.

Last night, I was feeling guilty alright, when my cheesecake told me the reason why he gets online every night is because he wants to talk to me.

Read it, MOI, it's because of MOI!

Muahahahahahahahaha... I think I've gone nuts.

You see, he's like one of the best, okay? No doubt.

Most probably, I'm feeling a little bit, you know, tensed over my own feelings and I'm trying my hardest not to even think of it, at least not until it lands directly in front of me that I have no other choice but to overcome it.

Let it land on me now!

I know I am crapping so, if you don't understand me...

Take some time off and look at my cute stupid expressions. You know you all love me.

Anyway, I'll continue crapping again, sometime... later... it's pretty much dependent on my mood.

Since I have a dinner to attend to tonight, let's just say, I'll update again most probably tonight with FOODDDDD...

Talking about food, I am hungry.

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