Thursday, June 24, 2010

I've always been there...

Have you ever gone through the time when you thought nobody would be there for you and then, all of a sudden, you think of this particular person - just because you think he or she would be able to help you?

Have you ever face emotional ups and downs and never wanted to talk to anyone about it exception for that particular person?

Despite of so many "have you?" questions, I still can't find why I didn't embrace what I had in the past and bring it to today. I guess reminiscing the past isn't much helpful now, right?

I mean, in the past, when I faced problems, there was this person who had always been there - just because I had nobody else to complain, hence I chose him and guess back then, he had to bear with all my squabbles, nags and all.

The good thing was, he didn't even make any remarks, instead, he just smiled it off.

Once, when I was troubled over this motherfucker and nobody else to turn to, I had to turn to him for him, asking him to act as my other half - erm... as in Mr. Right.

Thinking back, just in case, all the acting come about to this day, how good could things get, right? As in - us, in a relationship?

I guess as of now, everything is too late - 2 years gone by and I've just realized he's the one who has always been there for me.

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