Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aiks... It's alive!

And yours truly is considering to be blog active again - as in blogging as frequent as I could, just like in the past.

I never realize there are still people following my blog after all these times and these are the people who asked me, "Eh, how come you don't update your blog as often as you used to be?"

Hence, I sat back the other day and thought over it... Haha... perhaps, they're right, my blog has been so dead. From daily update to weekly update and from weekly update to fortnightly update. I guess one of these days, I might just end up doing annual update. Hahahahaha... you know I'm getting lazier by days or most probably, it's the age factor.

Yes, it SHOULD be the age factor!

Blame it on the hormones too!

Getting cuter and cuter with increasing age by day - I was saying - myself! LOLX!

No, no, no... I said, I am CONSIDERING and not I am confirming, hence, after I think of a way to revamp my blog, then that will probably be the time I will blog actively since I'll be freer next semester onwards.

At the same time, I am also considering if I should narrow down the scope of my blog or not - maybe concentrating on beauty and fashion or to something else like, making you all annoyed. Hahaha. Anyway, I'll decide again perhaps in another day when I don't feel so lazy as now.

Oh, ya, the picture above is just to show you that I'm not dead. Haha.

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