Thursday, June 10, 2010

Till death do us part...

As age catches up, I found myself aweing over friends who are attached, engaged or married. There's a part in me that really, really long for a partner and yet, another part of me likes the being single. See... contradiction in self for once again.

A very close friend of mine finally tied the knot yesterday and yes, my wishes and blessings are with her as always for finding a gem in life - her partner and of course, the bride herself is a gem.

More than often, we've often heard marriage isn't an easy stage. A lot of couples come to realize their incompatibilities during this stage - the sweetness, bitterness, sourness and spiciness, hence, it explains why marriages are delayed and called off.

I'm glad my buddy made it here today, with the love of her life and moving towards a life with the theme of two becoming one.

*claps of hands*

I tell you, if she's my sister, I'd probably be bursting out, crying like a mad person because it's been more than 10 years since I've gotten to know this TERRIFIC friend! Hahaha... the funny thing is... our dads were ex-classmates and us, the daughters, were ex-classmates as well. We're the second generation of friends.

I remember telling her, "Perhaps, one of these days, our sons and daughters would be classmates too!"

Her answer was, "Yes, yes, you'd never know!"

Hahaha... I'm wondering if that particular day will come or not - we'll see, we'll see. Boy, just look at the happiness and sweetness portrayed on the bride's face. Isn't love a wonder?

Being close friends since forever, all of us were there for her on her BIG day. Never in my life, when a friend gets married, I've felt so enthusiasted and excited for him or her and yes, Mrs. T, I'm really happy for you and Mr. T as well.

~ The she-entourages that escorted the bride ~

The reception itself takes place at Paramount Hotel in the evening and it was really a blast and I was so, so envious just from looking at the bride. Hahaha... as always I'll feel so. Nothing to worry about.

Managed to take a few irrelevant pictures with fellow close friends who attended the reception. I know, I know, most of the pictures are not uploaded here as I'm getting lazier by days since keeping and updating a blog needs time and effort, in which, I'm lacking them these days so, my apologies.

By the way, I just realized - it's been damn long since I last dolled myself up like yesterday. Hahahaha... Okay, I know I sucks in reality but then again, dolling up needs effort too!

Anyway... congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. T for making it a new life ahead of them possible and all the best to their blissful married life!

Now, when will my turn come?

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