Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My cheesecake and I

No, no, no... not that kinda cheesecake!

** A special shout out to Amy and her mum! Hello there! **

You know, I'm on a VERY strict diet and I need to lose like another, self-proclaimed, 30kg, hence, no cheesecake for me until I am 35kg or so. Wish me luck!

This cheesecake, however, is different - very different.

A real living, breathing, walking and talking cheesecake!

Now, how often do you come across a cheesecake that can do everything as in a real human being can? None, right?

But please don't be like Amy... Listen Mrs. T, not Kimchi or Bibimbap Oppa, okay? Hahahahahaha... That girl would surely know those terms made me burst out laughing like mad. Gosh... where on Earth did she come up with terms of endearment like that?

Cheesecake Oppa, perhaps?



Good night, people!

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