Monday, April 5, 2010

The pounding heart...

No... it's no longer peaceful and all...

Am I at peace? Err... should I direct the question back at you? I don't have any answers actually because I know I shouldn't feel so and yeah, my heart is pounding tremendously whenever I think of him and it isn't right.

Gawd, I think my heart will jump out of its place anytime soon. For the first time in my life, I'm speechless over compliments from the other gender. Normally, I'd impose sarcasm when people compliment me. Something like...
XX: You're cute.
Me: I know, right?

XX: You're smart.
Me: Thanks to my mum, I'm a genius.

XX: You're beautiful.
Me: Thanks for reminding me.
Now, you tell me, how sarcastic can I be? I know, right?

Sigh... Now, it's time to tell THE story.

The moment you said to me, "I need you",my heart stopped pounding for a second.

The moment you told me, "You know I'll always be here, waiting for the day you'd be here", my heart skipped a beat.

The moment when you said, "I'll never leave you alone and be right there if you need me to", my heart has taken a step nearer to yours.

There, end of story.

If this goes on, I think I'd not be able to refrain myself from falling into him- that is not the way things should be. There should be a distant in between us so that our friendship will always remain pure and nothing more than that.

I'll let it stop.


clara8050 said...

haha...he always saying these things to me u know how i feel liao le.. gan dong..hahah..but then it is just a normal relationship lo..nth else...

Angel Valerie said...

yours at least he's nearby but mine it's like... sooo damn far away.