Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy birthday, Angel!

So... another year went by and I'm one year older.

Geez... I love presents and gifts but I hate birthday celebrations. It reminds me that I'm getting old and haggard - how is that supposed to be good?

Well, this year isn't going to be whatsoever bashful year for me - I'll be celebrating only imaginarily and not in reality because...

First of all, there's NO special person I wanna celebrate today with although there's someone whom I really would love to spend time with. Sorry but his identity shall remain unknown but it's not Mr. Japan or Mr. Korea - no.

Secondly, I don't wanna be reminded of my age.

Thirdly, there is nobody around to celebrate with me.

Enough say, just wish me 'happy birthday,' can?

Happy birthday to Angel, happy birthday to myself - now, go to bed and anticipate for tomorrow.

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