Friday, April 16, 2010

Going Korean today...


I'm feeling so far better than just good alone today in fact although exam is approaching and I have yet to start revising.

I finally found out that there's a little Korea Town in the middle of busy KL in Ampang just yesterday and you could imagine my happiness when I got to know it.


I know, right?

From now on, I can do a lot of shopping for my Korean menu at the little Korean Town without having to worry that I can't find certain ingredients!

This was the Korean mart I went to yesterday and they have quite a variety of things and if you don't have sufficient credit, no worries, they accept credit card payment with the purchase of RM50 and above.

Now, they're having this 20% discount off certain items in the store!


Gawd, I love these people!

If you ever feel like going there, just refer to the address in the picture above. Below is yet another Korean mart known as Lotte. I know, Lotte is quite a famous brand in our local supermarkets and they usually have biscuits and tidbits of this brand. Now, you can walk into Lotte Mart at Ampang Utama!

Comparing Lotte to the Korean Mart, things in Lotte are slightly more expensive and yeah, NO discount on anything.

I'd prefer Korean Mart in the first picture.

Take a look at the amount of the bill after discount...

If there wasn't any 20% discount yesterday, I bet I'd be spending more than just RM48.90 and right now, I'm practically screaming because I've bought all the ingredients I wanted for my Korean recipes!

Hahahaha... I know I bought quite a lot of things but some of these things, you won't find it in Cold Storage, Jaya Jusco or any local supermarkets!

Even if there are certain items being sold at our local supermarkets, the price is like RM3 to RM6 more expensive than those you can get from the Korean marts at Ampang.

Imagine seeing a 250gm gochujang at RM11.90 at Lotte Mart and when I went to Mercato, I saw the exact thing sold at RM13.90 and some of the things are like hilariously expensive can die and go straight to heaven!

Hey, look at the amazing ingredient known as kosari 고사리 or fernbrake below...

I bought it dried and it required boiling and soaking for more than 8 hours and these babies are essentials if you ever wanna cook bibimbap 비빔밥!

Hence, I bet you'll be salivating after few more pictures below. Feast your eyes, people!

Those are the ingredients for making bibimbap and bibimbap is LOVE, okay! The gochujang that I've bought complimented the bibimbap so freaking well that after you've eaten it, you can straight away die and go to heaven!

~ My bibimbap 비빔밥 without egg because egg was not fried yet ~

Salivating, yet? Kick me! Hahahaha... I love it so damn much, okay? You can just scoop minimal amount of rice because afterwards, you'll be so damn full due to the overloading vegetables and meat in the dish itself!

See what I mean?

Hahahaha... Bibimbap with egg on the right side while on your left, you can see the stirred bibimbap.

Now, I can sleep well at night because, I've finally mastered the skill to cook this dish!


mr. pineapple man said...

looks delicious!! loving the post!

Angel Valerie said...

it is delicious :) hahaha... i was salivating even before i started eating.

thanks for dropping by!

simply Ed said...

I wan... =( *sobs