Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Show off time!

Muahahahaha... After so long of keeping a very low profile, now, it's time for me to show off for once again!

Yeah, baby, I am back, showing off...

My big, fat arse... Hahaha... just like the saying goes, if you have got it, flaunt it.

I bet there's no sin in showing off your butt, right? I know, you saw a wet spot on my butt but I didn't wet myself and I wasn't even feeling horny. I accidentally sat on a pool on water, that's all. My brother found it amusing and told me to take a picture of my big butt.


Alright, I know.

But I'm not here to show you my butt because, I'm gentler and more ladylike now as if, hence, you've to trust me that a lady wouldn't be carrying out those acts.

* aherm *

If you don't trust me, look at the picture below, see... this is me... I am shu nv...

Minus my usual glasses because I am wearing Geo Lens in Angel Brown.

Now, it's the time to SHOW OFF... I am a big show off, I know and now, lemme present to you... my proudest purchase of the month!

You're not wrong, it's Paris Hilton alright but not in person but her line of purse. LOL... I know I'm super lame but hey, this girl, a.k.a. me, yours truly, worked hard for the money, okay? The money used to buy this purse didn't fall from the sky!

I was eyeing the other purse actually but they ran out of stock...

Feel so much better after showing off now!


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