Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's kimchi day!

Well, it's supposed to be a WAS since it happened yesterday! Hahaha... Self-pronounced kimchi day.

We are supposed to wash and then leave the cabbage in cold water but since I don't have cold water, I added in ice-cubes.

Now, I realized a lot of time and skills have to be taken to prepare kimchi. Although mine was express kimchi, still, I used 2 hours to prepare that dish. No wonder dining in Korean restaurants is freaking expensive!

Nah, a picture of my nails and also the the process of mixing cabbage and kimchi sauce.

Followed on, we did another Korean side dish...

It's 계란 말이, people! It's read as gye ran mal yee or egg roll. Interesting, huh? I know it doesn't look appetiting but hey, that was my first take, okay?

Anyway, gotta hands off the laptop now! See ya in a while!

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