Monday, March 22, 2010

My weekend...

I thought I'd look forward to weekend but hell, yeah, I looked forward to it but it ended too soon. Nowadays, my weekend has gone from BORING to BORING-est.

Great, right? Just great.

Anyway, to kill the boredom, I came up with another day of preparing Korean dishes. Yeah, I'm obsessed with Korean food - no big deal.

Hence, I prepared the ultimate Korean Vegetable Pancake!

야채전 or yachaejeon to be exact!

This is not something very tough to prepare but it needs skills because you can't mashed up the whole pancake or even make it smaller. So, you have to possess the skill to be able to turn the pancake to the other side without spoiling the shape.

Muahahahaha... Shamelessly, I now pronounce, I have this skill!

Nice golden brown vegetable pancake a.k.a. yachaejeon prepared by yours truly.

Then again, I cooked Kimchi Chigae or 김치찌개 too!

I'm immaculate, right? I know I'm shameless because shameless is my middle name, thus, call me by Angel Shameless Valerie. Muahahaha...

Then again, I also prepared the whole cabbage kimchi this time instead of the simple express kimchi that I've prepared last time. The whole process of soaking, washing and stuffing took like 5 damn hours, okay?

Now, I know why eating out in a Korean restaurant is so freaking expensive! I mean, imagine preparing a kimchi for 5 to 6 freaking hours!

The ingredients themselves are not of the expensive ones but rather of the economical ones and still, they can charge us at maybe around RM10 to RM12 for a single plate of kimchi - of course the portion isn't much.

With RM10 to RM12, you can prepare the whole week supply of kimchi, mind you!

There you go, the end product! I know it doesn't look good but yeah, hell, it tastes good, okay? I even made the kaktugi kimchi as well... I'll post the picture of it in the next entry. I've totally forgotten to take a picture.

Oops... kaktugi is radish in Korean.

Gotta go now...

Ciao, the people of blogosphere!

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