Sunday, September 20, 2009

Not a very good week

Finally the week is over and guess what?

I've been traumatizing myself with lotsa things and on top of that, I've been through a series of problems for the whole week!

Since last Tuesday, I've been having backache due to sitting in front of my laptop for so long to finish up my lecture notes and also my assignments. On that day, I woke up at 10a.m. and had my eyes glued to the screen until it was 8p.m. Imagine the pain of stretching when I've done everything by that time and I found out that my back aches terribly. I even woke up in the middle of the night, almost crying because the ache was unbearable but nobody knew!

This goes on for a few more days until today. I have to get the Tiger Balm Plaster and plaster them all over my back to sooth the ache!

Things got worse when I sprained my ankle last week. No, I did not wear high heels or anything. I'm so used to wearing my flip-flop and sandals that there is NO possibility that I sprained my right ankle due to high heels.

It was and is really painful especially when I'm going up and down the stairs. I have to resort to get my ankle plastered to ease the pain and it looks so swollen to me. I can't even twist my ankle like usual and I really hate it so much!

Two days ago, I woke up with a swollen right eye. I was shocked! I did nothing the previous night and yet, my right eye was swollen and I couldn't really see properly and felt so uncomfortable for the whole morning!

Even in this condition, I had no one to help me to get medication. I went to Guardian, The Weld after dropping my brother off to work hoping to get medication and get my arse home to apply but I found out there is no more pharmacy available there - not even at Watson!

Then, drove all the way to Midvalley to buy just a freaking tube of medication for my swollen eye and by that time, I was a little irritated already!

It was lucky for me that the swelling goes down by the next day or I'll be crying over it because things are just so suckie this week for me!

First it was the back ache, then it was my right ankle and this was followed by my right now. If there is so many right-s in everything in my life, I just wish God would send me my Mr. Right, at least there is somebody there for me when I need one.

Sigh... I really hate my life so much this week that I wish somebody would be able to do something to cheer my pathetic soul up.


Alice said...

wei found the shop dy? Better treat everything fast~

Angel Valerie said...

not yet but the pain is kind of better than yesterday already. i guess if it really gets worse, i'll go... but most probably will go tomorrow or so.

im scared of internal bleeding also but choy, choy, choy!