Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I miss these cool people...

It's been more than a month since I stopped working at Starbucks, The Weld. Boy, time does fly and it's coming to the second month in another few more days...

Come to think of it, I really miss those cool people I worked with...

I miss Manja's company because we used to go to work together if we were doing the same shift.

I miss Ahmad's stupid jokes especially when he used to cheer me up a lot when I was down with problems.

I miss Dee so much because she is like a sister to me, giving me advices after advices and being so caring towards everything I did and went through. She was always there for me whenever I needed someone to talk to.

I miss Amir because we were once known as the "Bodoh & Hodoh" pair when we worked in the same shift and because of this guy, I'm able to just get a step closer to somebody.

I miss Tajul for his supports and also the silly facial expressions he used to put up because all these cheered my day up a lot!

I miss Navin because now, nobody actually argue with me since I have stopped working. I just miss the way how he used to bully and tease me...

I miss Janet because we used to have so many things in common to talk about and with her, time just sizzled!

I miss Hairi because he was the first friend I got to know when I first started out in Starbucks last December. Hairi also taught me a lot and has been so patient all these times...

Geez... all those pictures just bring back memories after memories. Memory is weird. It will come bouncing back to you the moment you least expect it to come.

Well... I went back to Starbucks earlier in the afternoon for a visit and was tremendously glad to see Manja and Hairi around. I was hoping to bump into Dee because I've just got so many things to tell her. Haha... Let's say, I'll pay her a visit next time.

I was hoping to bump into somebody but somehow, Amir always tells me, "You always come at the wrong time."

I do?!

Hahaha... maybe I do. The weird thing is... I did not get to talk to him last time when he used to come for his Caramel Macchiato. Well, I just did not get the chance to talk much since I was working and there were others around. Bumping into him after working hours did not allow me to talk much too because I remember once, I was picking up my brother and rushing off when we bumped into each other.

I guess that's just what life is, right? Let's say, if time is right, I'll get to see this person again, just like how I used to see him last time.

Good night, people and wish me luck for my lecture tomorrow!

Deng, deng, deng, Imma going to strangle my students if they come late tomorrow! Muahahahaha... I'm truly a witch!

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