Friday, September 18, 2009

Happily ever after...

I was talking to Mimi a while ago regarding babies' names.

LOL... It was damn funny and entertaining talking to this bestie of mine sometimes. Perhaps we do share the weird interest of laughing so loud that people around us can faint with the loudness of our laughter.

We were talking about what kinda name should we choose for our future sons or daughters and it struck me all of a sudden, my sister told Mimi...

Yes, my sister said Mimi's future son should be called Bitbit because Mimi's pet in Pet Society is called Bitbit and Bitbit somehow represents a boy.



So, Mimi and I came up with a plan, if she has a son and I ever have a daughter, we'll marry them off! Haha... But for her to wait for me to have a daughter, I'll just be honest - perhaps it will not even happen in the nearest 10 years.

Well, I did mention I might not be getting married this lifetime but somehow, when I get the news of my friends getting married one by one, somehow it does stir my feeling a little. I do want to be cherished, loved and appreciated. I do want my very own family that somehow looks a little like the self-drawn picture below...

Yes, I did say I hate kids and I don't like kids but perhaps my perceptions towards kids will change who knows, the day I get married or something like that. After all, mum used to tell me, "One of these days, you'll come to me and tell me that your kids are different from other people's kids. You can mark my word."

Like usual, my answer was always, "Ah, I don't bother. Look, mum, NO BOYFRIEND, SINGLE but NOT AVAILABLE, how to get married and have kids?"

But let's say if I ever have a daughter, I will name her Celeste. Err... Celeste whatever, the surname is her father's, so, I cannot decide what surname it'll be because the decision is still in God's hands.

Hmmm... Why do I like Celeste?

I have always like this name. It means heavenly and divine.

Then, if I ever have a son, I shall name him... Jarrod or maybe Justin. I love Js, I don't know why. Haha...

Jarrod means descendant while Justin means gift from God.

Hahaha... I'm drifting away from reality, don't you think so? Well... once in a while, I'm so feeling it but once in a while, I'm okay with being alone but if you're talking about me of getting myself attached, again, I will say, that will not happen in the nearest time.

Of heartbreaks and lies, I think I'm better off without them but I don't know, perhaps in times to omes, God will decide who is the one for me and along the way, what kinda people I'm going to bump into.

I do know that I contradict myself sometimes but let's just say, one of these days, I do want to get married and live happily ever after.

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