Friday, September 11, 2009


Here comes the bride...

Oopsies... not yet...

Recently, I've been going mad on bridal make-up.

Me? Getting married?

Perhaps yes, perhaps no... let's just say I'll leave it to God to decide who my future partner would be because He alone knows who is the one for me.

Now, let's go for the Day Look first...

From as far as I know, Day Look shouldn't be at all heavy because you don't want to look like a vampire or anything on your special day. Well, I don't want to look like a ghost or pontianak for sure... So, go natural...

Since I'm going to wear a white dress, I guess there are a lot of look that I can actually go for but still... natural does it...

These are all from our cute Aubrey... Actually, there are several looks I wanna go for on that special day... Yes, I'm going to do my own make-up!

Day Look 1

Day Look 2

Day Look 3

Day Look 4

The looks are all so adorable that I don't know which one I should go for. Haha... I'm very indecisive. Now, some possible looks I'd for for during the day by Michelle...

Day Look 5

Day Look 6

I found this lady really attractive and I don't know her name because she always starts out with saying, "Hello, welcome to" That's it but never mind. I super love her bridal eye make-up...

Day Look 7

For the night look, I'm still skeptical whether which look I should go for because you see, I'm not sure which dress I'm going to go for. Haha... Perhaps at the end of the day, you might even see me in a kebaya, who knows, right?

Night looks from Aubrey...

Night Look 1

OMG... I simply love, love, love and love this arabic eyes! The eyes just look so sexy and alluring especially when they're paired with grey coloured cosmetic lenses. Don't you think so?

Night Look 2

Fresh water look! Gawd... Sweet, sweet, sweet and sweet... Now, I wish I have like 8 pairs of eyes so that I can do every look!

Night Look 3

Aih... I'm feeling so freaking lazy to go and put all the videos here now... I only have like 15 minutes to finish this entry and then, going to take my shower before heading to class at 3p.m. later. Geez...

Night Look 4

Aubrey did the make-up using products from Nars and honestly, I do think products from Nars are really nice but at the same time, costly. Anyway... below is the last night look I opted for from Aubrey.

Night Look 5

Now, it's night looks from Michelle that totally inspire me...

Night Look 6

Night Look 7

Well, that would be all on the possible looks I'd go for on that day. I'm so looking forward to the wedding. Haha... That will be the day I'm going to meet all my besties.

I'll make sure I don't look like snow bunny when the day finally comes.

Oh, clarification - I'm NOT the one getting married. My bestie is and pictures will be up after the wedding.

Pictures credited to Aubrey.

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