Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sky and snow

Saturday is a bad day. Not only I have no date or boyfriend to go out with, some more, some people actually pour kerosene over the fire. Literally, it means I'm mad, I'm frustrated and I'm angry - yes, early in the morning!

I woke up early today and this only happens once in a blue moon, as early as 8a.m. and sat in the living room. I was waiting for my long awaited parcel to reach my place actually as I was supposed to get it on Thursday but since I wasn't in on Thursday, Skynet has decided to send it out again on Friday morning.

I'm sure all of you out there aware that we can track our parcel as long as the track number is given. So, this morning, while I was waiting, I just went and check if they are delivering my parcel or not.

Instead of good news, imagine my horror, frustration and anger when I got to know that somebody else has received my parcel!

Yes, that is my name written there but hell, that isn't my IC number! I was so damn shocked that the date was yesterday's when I did not receive anything at all from Skynet!

I was already frustrated over the whole issue but when I called to Skynet for verification, the staffs there kept on transferring my call one to another!

When I was directed to Skynet at KL branch, I talked to 3 of their staffs regarding my parcel and I was already screaming and yelling at her not to transfer my call and let to talk to the manager directly.

Me: I don't care what it is, put me to your manager.

Her: I know your problem but my manager is not here yet.

Me: It's your problem because NOW I want to speak to him.

Her: He'll only come at 11a.m.

Me: I understand that you guys only work half day on Saturday, so don't bluff me.

Her: I'll ask my CS to call you.

Me: No. I. Want. To. Talk. To. Your. Manager.

Her: I'll ask my CS to call you.

Me: No!

Her: I'll ask my CS to call you.

Me: Since you insist. I'm going to give you 10 minutes and don't give me empty promises or I'm going to complain about you as well.

So, within 10 minutes, the CS called me back to explain the situation. Talking to CS made my blood boiled as well. I don't know what to say but somehow, I think he didn't understand what I was trying to tell him.

Him: Miss, I rasa you punya parcel tu memang dah salah hantar pasal staff I.

Me: I tak tahu tapi what I know is, I want my parcel back, that's all.

Him: Yes, I know but kita orang kena track dulu mana parcel miss tu pergi.

Me: I don't care how you're going to track it but if it's lost, your company should compensate.

Him: You cannot put the blame on us alone, satu hari, kita orang dapat 2000 mails, takkan nak everything to be perfect?

Me: Itu bukan hal saya, yang saya tahu, you guys should check the receiver's IC before handing over the parcel!

Him: I apologize but nak buat macam mana ni?

Me: Imagine it's your parcel and it got lost, how?

Him: Frustrated juga. How about, I go and check who was the one sending the parcel yesterday and get him to call you back?

Me: Make sure you get it done.

I was really, really, really and super, uber angry to the point of throwing but tantrum but luck did it that I could keep my sanity by not screaming at the staff.

I was hoping the postman of Skynet would give me a call regarding the lost parcel but within the next half an hour, came an unexpected door knock and yes, I saw my parcel.

The postman looked at me like weird but I stared back. He pretended he was busy and left after his job was done.

OMG... If I didn't get my parcel back, I'm going to make a BIG scene at their branch until they compensate me!

My goodness...

Whatever it is, since I've gotten back my parcel, I'll drop the whole issue.

Before ending this entry and preparing myself to go jogging, I just found an interesting video to share with you all. I know guys especially will love a video like this!

Yeah, a video of Xiaxue making out with one of her best and hottest friends, Kaykay.

Enjoy, people and have a great weekend ahead!

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