Saturday, July 25, 2009

Love from Daiso

When it comes to make-up products, I am usually very particular about the products I purchase or going to purchase. I usually do a lot of researches before I finally decide to buy certain products. I'd say 90% of the products I have are branded ones because I don't want to wake up in the morning with a ruined face due to the use of cheapo make-up products.

Somehow, I was proven wrong - I don't know why... well, yeah, high maintenance is just another word to describe me so, beware my future husband, your future wife here is uberly high maintenance. Muahaha...

We shall leave that topic out, shall we?

Anyway, I was out with Darlingkin last week and was over at Daiso, The Curve. I know, I haven't blog about anything on our date yet because I'm waiting for him to blog about it. Haha... I have yet to edit the pictures but coming soon, I promise.

Geez, I get diverted pretty easily, don't I?

Well, we were at Daiso when I checked out the make-up products available because I've read the review from Connie regarding the products there. I was very doubtful of the foundation, so, I didn't buy it. After half an hour to one hour or maybe more than that... these were what I have bought...

1. Concealer
2. Blusher
3. Eyebrow pencil
4. Eyeshadow

Total damage to my purse - RM20. Ah, RM20 is still affordable for 4 products, right? I mean when I bought the infamous Empro Eyebrow Pencil, it cost me RM38.80! I can't deny the fact that this eyebrow pencil does it's job in a superb manner and I really love it but imagine how many beauty products I can get with RM38.80 at Daiso - seven, alright, seven!

First of all, the concealer really does do magic. I mean for a tiny amount of RM5, the concealer is really good already! It covers my zit and blemish with medium to full coverage! This is worth buying!

Next up is the blusher...

Highlight is included in the blusher set. The only thing I don't like about this set is that it is too powdery and the colours don't shine through well. I have to put layers and layers of the pinkish shade before you can notice the blusher on my cheeks.

Well, RM5 only, so, no complain.

Third is the eyeshadow set...

Can you see the shimmers? Gosh, it's even more majestic than that in real life! The colour is really beautiful, mind you!

I was really surprised with the eyeshadow in fact! Look at the pigmentation of the eyeshadow below...

It can ALMOST beat Coastal Scent's 88 colour palatte already if it is not so powdery! Damn... I fell in love with the colours right on the spot when I saw it. Even Darling was amazed how long I could stay there just to choose the right colours for myself!

I attempted a look using all the products I bought from Daiso the next day and this is what I have achieved!

Is it bad? Please tell me I look good, pretty please...

Close-up pictures!

Sorry for the ugly zits! I didn't conceal and was just attempting and didn't wanna waste foundation or anything. Stingy me!

On the whole I am quite satisfied with the products. Out of a full five-star rating, I'd give the products a 3. I'm being quite generous already!

Alright, before I go... here you go, a picture of me, attempting to pose like Amber Chia...

In the end... I failed... so, I'm going to bed now... Good night, everyone!

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