Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I love you but I hate you!

I think most of my close friends are aware that I am doing 3 different jobs and at the same time, my third semester just started and life is hellishly hectic these days. Perhaps, with a little exception that sometimes, on certain Fridays, I get to see YT at Midvalley before class.

If you're not sure of my job scopes, I'm going to tell you what I'm doing for life and believe me, life sucks big time now because at the end of each day, I'll collapse to my bed even before bed time and slept for two hours or more before waking up around 8p.m. or so to get online and do some stuffs before going back to bed.

Well, people, this is my life and I'm going to tell you the story of my life!

It all started out with lack of Vitamin M. Even though my parents said I need not worry anything that is related to money when I'm studying but I'm one hell of an egoistic person that refuse to ask them for money.

I'm totally crazy, right?

So, it all happened one particular day when all of a sudden, my brother dragged me into Starbucks, The Weld and told me to get a job because I needed a life! Alright, now tell me, how many elder brothers out there are just like mine?

I applied and got the job about 10 days later. I was more than delighted to learn that I would start working the very next day.

The few days into working, I was dead tired because never in my whole life I had to drag and arrange around 24 tables with 96 chairs every morning if I'm doing opening and clearing and chaining them if I'm doing closing.

I was at the verge of breaking down to know that I've to go through a life like hell to earn like RM4.75 per hour and it was really sad because the main reason why I wanted to get a job was to earn bucks to support myself. After a thorough thought of why others can do it while I can't, I came to the decision to hold on.

True enough, with determination you'll pull through and I did. Here I am today, still working for Starbucks and loving each and every moment spent there even though the job is dead tiring with the salary like peanuts!

I love the company of everyone at Starbucks, The Weld and I love everyone there... I mean how can you not love your job when you can communicate with different types of people or there are even times when customers show interest in you!

Indeed, I'm very grateful to have bumped into this bunch of friends at Starbucks who have taught me a lot ever since the first day I joined them in December 2008. I mean, with a manager as understanding as Dee, who over time, became one of the person I love talking to, how can you not like Starbucks, The Weld?

Indeed, I'm very much grateful that Dee understands my hectic schedule and tried to help out as often as possible.

That is Dee and Navin, camwhoring with my camera. Well... honestly, I appreciate every single moment spent with these bunch of people!

You all rock!

At the end of the day, I love my job but the thing is, the pay is too little and the working hours are just too long for the pay!

Alright, let's move on to the second job of mine - lecturer.

I've to admit that I'm not a person who can teach well. Even though dad and the majority of his siblings teach, I just can't bring myself to the thought that one day I'll be teaching but here I am today, teaching.


You know, the best thing about being a lecturer is that it's easy to teach those college students because they are grown-ups and things are just so easy since you don't need to explain term by term, vocabulary by vocabulary, in all 3 languages.

I'm not a morning person but having to wake up early in the morning and to travel all the way from KL to PJ is just like a curse! My class is at 10am, so I need to wake up around 8 every Wednesday and get ready latest by 9am before starting my journey.

Before the class, alright, this is worse than a curse - preparing slides!

Dammit... I really never like doing extensive and in-depth reading but since I need to prepare slides for every lesson for 14 weeks, I need to read, read and read!

Goodness, I think I've gone mad from all the readings!

This is a torture - like skinning me off and waiting for me to die slowly...

The final job would be the home tutor.

Honestly, the salary for home tutor is really quite irresistible to resist, so I took up the job since first of all, the salary at Starbucks isn't much. Even if being a part-time lecturer does pay off well but still, it's not sufficient since there are just so many things I need to pay off every month. This has not include shopping yet.

Talking about shopping - darn... I haven't even shop for quite some time already! Life has been so freaking hectic that even if I have the ka-ching thingy, I don't have the time to wander around shopping malls.

Let's not divert you else where and talk about the home tutor thingy. Shit... I did tell myself, teaching is not my field and it has been proven that teaching is really NOT my field.

I hate kids and I always will... I really have had HARD time trying to teach a bunch of Primary One kids for the past one month and I was screaming at them the other day when he said, "Teacher, why are you so stupid one?"

My response was, "I am stupid, right? Why not, you come and sit at my place and TEACH me instead. Tell me why grammar should be this way and not that way."

The boy looked at me with wide-opened eyes without any response.

I was honestly irritated with that kiddo but another 2 of the kids stepped on my patience limit too especially when after teaching them the same thing over and over for more than 1 hour.

I really don't want to say this but somehow, I don't know what's wrong with those kids. I mean, how can you forget the thing that you've learned just a minute ago?

Argh... if this situation goes on, I will commit suicide earlier than anyone!

Alright, alright, maybe not to the extent of commiting suicide but I think I'll go mad faster than the water-drinking rate...

My life is freakishly mad, right?

At the end of the day, I still hate kids. Alright, I know most of you - attached or single, you guys love kids but you don't need to come and influence me to like the brats. Believe me, you'll never succeed! Muahaha...

All in all, I really have a love-hate relationship with all my jobs!

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