Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bangkok - Day 4 & Day 5


Sorry, I have to start off with some taboo words because I got so freaking mad with TM these days. The internet connection at my place has been down for the past one week already and sad to say, I'm withering away without internet at home. Stupid people at TM with their so-called legendary work service, damn you all!

Anyway, I shall put that aside first and make way for my Bangkok Day 4 and 5 entry.

Damn people at TM, stop putting blame on my modem because you guys were the ones who gave us the modem too. Stupid TM.

Calm down, Angel, calm down...

Okay, on Day 4, basically, we didn't do much of fun stuffs since we went back to Platinum Mall to buy things since we didn't buy enough during our first visit there! Like I said, things there are damn cheap that if you've got nothing much to do at Bangkok, go to Platinum Mall!

We had the telur puyuh thingy in which I don't know what it's called in English but damn cheap. RM3 for 10!

Then, it was time to splurge! Muahahaha... I bought 8 earrings for RM8. Yes, it means RM1 per pair of earrings. Do I hear dirt cheap or what?

If you're going to get these from the Flea Market at The Curve or anywhere, I'm sure they'll be sold at RM10 for 3 or maybe RM6.90 for one like the pink roses earrings I've bought earlier for my sister!

Guess what our McDonald's at Malaysia is lacking of after all these times?

Nyak, nyak, nyak!

Samurai PORK Burger!

Yes, read my lips - pork burger!

My goodness, the first bite is more than enough to get me hooked to buy a second one the next day. The first burger I had was indeed the best among the other 3 I had ordered.

Well, Day 4 at Bangkok ended just like that

Day 5, which was a Saturday, we went to the infamous Chatuchak Weekend Market!

That was our breakfast before heading out for Chatuchak. Well, it was free, what can we expect, right?

Well, Imma just going to post up few pictures without captions or explanations because I'm too busy to be lazy since I've just so much to do!

Aiya... I thought I don't wanna talk much in this entry but darn... I've just gotta tell you guys about these cute things...

I can't refrain myself from not putting caption because you know what? Those puppies are sold at RM100 per dog. Can you actually freaking believe it? RM100 or a Siberian Husky? Maybe another RM100 for a Shih Tzu?

Damn man, these dogs are filthy cheap at Chatuchak Market!

You might just even bump into a Shih Tzu that knows the existence of technology...

Yes, just like that!

It was using a fan, alright? I love smart dogs!

Even a rabbit is damn cheap there...

Wuaaah... I wanna move to Bangkok already! I can set up a pet shop and I will welcome donation and volunteers!

Now, it's time for pictures with human beings in them... Muahahaha...

Yes, that would be all for now but before I sign off, one final picture to show you guys how happy I was when I ate Pork Curry, which is NOT available in Malaysia...

Alright, goodbye and till we meet again, bye!


Simpleton said...

If there is another entry on food I'll most probably fly to Bangkok and eat all I can eat there! Hahahha

Angel Valerie said...

sure u can, brother. the food in Bangkok is awesome, alright? hahaha... i have more to come!

simply Ed said...

I know! green tea ICE CREAM!

Angel Valerie said...

hahahaha... u tried the green tea ice-cream what?