Saturday, July 11, 2009

Look at my hair!

I've been hesitating and hesitating all these times regarding getting a curling tong. From long hair to short hair and from short hair to long hair, my crazy crave towards curling tong never dies and finally today... I've gotten the much wanted and awaited curling tong, thanks to the doubling of my salary and also workload.

So, at the end of the day, I will tell you I totally deserve the superb curling tong!

Taa daah...

Yes, my very own first ever salon ceramic curling tong from Philips! You did not read wrongly, it's ceramic, baby and it's DAMN amazing!

You only need to switch it on and wait for a minute for the tong to heat up before you can start curling away! After sectioning your hair, miraculously, the tong will do it's job and delivers perfect salon finish curls in not more than 15 seconds!

Amazing or not? The curls stay there for more than 3 hours already without mousse or hairspray and when I'm typing this entry, the curls are still strong!

Oh, right, it isn't that expensive too - RM59 only!

Before owning this baby, I have in hand a normal iron curling tong which I bought from Sing Kwong at Bintulu for RM17. I'd say it'd done it's job pretty well and I do love it still even though Baby Philips has come into my life!

The curls delivered by this iron curling tong are nice but the problem is, they don't last longer than 30 minutes. Even with hairspray or mousse, they'll most probably last for around 1 hour or so before becoming straight again.

I was really sad because I spent a lot of time curling my hair using the normal iron curling tong and the style only lasted one hour or so! Everytime I curl my hair using the normal tong, it'd take more than 45 minutes but with the new Philips, I only used not more than 30 minutes to achieve the look I want!

Lemme just show you a picture so that you can do comparison...

Sorry if I looked a little bit shocked and tired because I just got home from work and straight away tried this baby out!

The left side of my hair is curled using the normal curling tong while the other side used the SalonCurl Ceramic Curling Iron. Both sides were left undisturbed for 1 hour before pictures are taken and thus, there you go, that is the result!

Here, these are the finishing looks with the new baby!

I should retire to bed already. Good night, people! Lemme know if the hair is nice or not if possible. Haha... alright, nights, people!


clement said...

if there is no cord attached to it i would have guessed its a dildo hahahhaa

Angel Valerie said...

ur arse la, clement!

clement said...

oh no... i dunwan it in my arse... i dun play it that way