Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bangkok - Day 3

Day 3 was honestly tiring. We traveled quite far from Thong Lo to Sapan Taksin and some more, it was quite early in the morning!

Argh... there went my beauty sleep...

Before we went onboard the boat, I was having stomach discomfort due to the extra spicy beef stew noodles I had the day before. I had to go to the washroom... So, into the washroom I went and saw this sign...

The Thais are smart people. They know some of the civilians or even tourists tend to do that, thus, it explains why there is sign like this in the washroom.

Anyway, I was just trying to be funny although I know it isn't so funny.

We boarded a boat for 120 Baht each.

There were nothing much to see except some other boats, buildings, houses and so on. It felt exactly like the boat ride in Malacca. The only difference was that there was somebody explaining in details each temple or wat that we passed by.

Our first stop was The Grand Palace... The palace is as grand and majestic as the name itself.

Geez... Thanks to my triple XXL shirt that I look so damn fat can die in the picture above. I have a love-hate relationship with the shirt itself. I love it because it is free and I hate it because it makes me look fat everytime I wear it. Darn... Why?

I know the picture above doesn't do any justice but if you happen to be at Bangkok, do pay The Grand Palace a visit. In addition to that, if you're a big fan of gold, yes, literally, physically and mentally, gold... go to The Grand Palace.

The reason is...

Some of the buildings in The Grand Palace are decorated using those pieces of gold and one piece costs USD$1. So, you can go on and guess how many pieces of gold were used to build one building like this...

Besides gold, gems like sapphire, ruby and emerald were also used. You can still see the sparkling gems even though decades have passed since the reign of King Rama I.

If you have been to The Grand Palace, look around and you'll see picture like the one shown below...


Darn, The Thais are rich people! The drawings on the palace's wall are painted with gold! Yes, as in REAL gold!

The picture below is the infamous Angkor Wat. Since Angkor Wat is in Cambodia, this is the recreated mini version that can be found in The Grand Palace.

Within the palace itself, there are a lot of other spots to look forward to like What Phra Kaew or better known as Temple of The Emerald Buddha. We were told not to take picture in sacred places, so, there's no picture of the temple.

Do you guys remember the movie Anna and The King? Damn... I didn't even watch the movie and I didn't even realize Dusit Maha Prasat was one of the places where the filming of the movie took place...

See, I told you I have love-hate relationship with my Sony shirt. Whatever... The Dusit Hall is indeed more than just majestic. Instead, it is so beautiful and heavenly with the combination of Thai and Western decorations.

After The Grand Palace, we proceeded to Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall. It looks something like a palace but if I've gotten the name wrong, forgive me. I'm bad at remembering Thai names. Well... you'll get access to this place if you've paid for the entrance fee of 350 Baht for The Grand Palace in the very first place.

We were needed to buy a piece of long skirt look alike thingy before entering the hall that costs 40 Baht. I think it was unnecessary because the skirt serves as table cloth now. What a waste of money! Pictures are not allowed in the hall, so, no pictures but all that is inside the hall is weaving!

Oh, for your information, in the first picture taken in front of the hall, the first girl to your right was our tourist guide. Her name is Game. Yes, literally.

Lastly... Do you guys remember this?

I bet you guys have heard enough about it. You guys have even seen the cartoon version in Street Fighter. Muahahaha... We went to the Temple of The Reclining Buddha!

Yes, people, that is the infamous Reclining Buddha! The statue is really, so, so, so, so and so big that my camera almost couldn't take a full picture of it!

Our final stop for the day was Khao San Road. If you guys don't know, Khao San Road is really famous among backpackers and at Khao San Road, you can get everything you want just as long as you know the art of negotiation and bargaining!

~ Sherene and I at the wharf while waiting for the boat to go to Khao San Road ~

Lemme tell you... I've been waiting for the day to go to Khao San Road since forever! When I was there, I was damn happy, alright?

The reason was...

Yes, people, my hair has grown long in just one hour!

Muahahaha... I went for hair extension at Khao San Road and it was filthy cheap, okay? Walao eh... everything at Khao San Road is so affordable that if you're interested in eyelashes' extension, it'll start at 300 Baht.

Damn... if only Malaysia offers RM30 for eyelashes' extension, I think I'll go and extend my eyelashes every week!

Back to the topic of hair extension...

I love the length f my long hair now and I terribly regret cutting my hair because of a guy 2 months ago. I swear, yes, I SWEAR, I will NEVER cut my hair ever again!

Sherene and her sister did braiding while waiting for me...

Sorry for the blurry picture. Haha... Anyway, I'm going to end here now... I wanna go bathe and then, perhaps, go to sleep early since I'm doing opening shift tomorrow!

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