Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The superstar in me...

A lot of friends expressed their concerns towards my sudden change of mood and stuffs lately and my facebook's status has been receiving comments after comments. Believe me, I really appreciate it a lot as your concerns mean a lot to me.

Yes, I'm still going through the downfall of my mood and it affects my feeling deeply and badly. As much as I dislike it, what can I do except just to hold on to my dear life and be strong so that things wont fall back on me?

It really hurts to see him having his mood swing at work these 2 days and it is all because of something indirectly related to me. Yes, you're not wrong - indirectly and I don't think it's ethical for me make it public since it involves another person.

Well, it does hurt especially when we were kind of avoiding glimpses from each other.

Sometimes, I do wonder, why do things have to end up this way for both of us. Things can be better if we never started out. Perhaps we are still good friends now. Seriously, I really miss the times spent together - every moment of it.

I miss the time when he held me... I seriously do...

Anyway, lemme talk about something different today, something fresher, something happier and something that is totally me...

I was having sore-throat the other day, so, you can guess why there is a yellowish thing at the side of my mouth - strepsils, alright?

Yes, don't I just look like superstar? Look at the glasses - it isn't mine but still, how I love camwhoring with it. Haha...

Don't you think I look like Michael Jackson's sister? Muahaha... No, the name's NOT Janet Jackson but the name's Angelina Jolin and NOT Angelina Jolie.


Because you see...

I think I look like Jolin Tsai... Hahaha... Not the boobs, alright? She's a cup G and I'm nowhere near G. I know, Jolin's fan would probably shoot me with my words but before you start shooting or throwing bombs at me, lemme finish my words first.

I was going to say, my glasses is alike to Jolin's in one of her MVs.

Dammit, I can't get connected to Yahoo! or Google to find pictures. Darn... whatever it is, go surf for the pictures yourself because Imma going to bed after all these lameness.

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