Thursday, June 11, 2009

Painfully sickening!

Guess what?

I've found the 4th part time job and yeah, the salary is not so bad. The parents are worried I might not be able to cope but still, Imma going to do my best to prove to everyone that I, Angel, can also be an iron lady and I'll survive even without a partner in life!

Guess what again?

In just a month's time, I'm sick again for the third time!

Dammit, I think it must has been the ageing process I'm going through. Yes, I grow older by days! Darn... it seems to me that my immune system is deteriorating these days and this is really bad!

Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling a sharp pain in my stomach. No, it wasn't gastric but it was just stomach pain. As early as 6a.m. I was already in the washroom for 15 minutes. After which I've gone back to sleep, around 7a.m. or so, the pain struck again and darn... I went to the washroom again!

I thought I'm going to be okay by night time. Yes, I was okay for few hours until 12a.m. this morning but when I came home from a meet up with my student's mum, the pain struck again. It was really so goddamn painful that I needed to bring a big pillow into the washroom with me. I was biting my pillow out of pain while sitting on the toilet seat!

Dammit... I think the fluid level in my body is seriously decreasing like mad already! I was galloping down tons and tons of water and still, I'm feeling so dead... Yes, I said galloping because drinking is not sufficient!

Gawd... this is so painfully sickening... I can't even get to rest tomorrow - lecture at 10a.m. to 1p.m. and after that, working at Hap Seng from 4p.m. to 10p.m.

I wonder if I will still be alive by the end of this week.


Simpleton said...

That's why la, too much of coffee ain't good for ya tummy...guess the sounds you'll be hearing now are "POOOT, PRROOT, PEEETTTT, PRRRRIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT..."

Angel Valerie said...

u know also la brother, i dont take a lot of caffeine. adoi, im caffeine intolerant... poot ur head... hahaha... u're gross!